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We plan to take over the nation, but for now you can buy, sell, and save in these areas.

photo in idaho


Are you ready to save thousands in real estate commissions when you buy or sell in Boise, Idaho? We’re ready to make it happen! Whether you’re buying or selling your first home or your fifth, Homie’s got your back! Our local agents make every transaction smooth and hassle free. Now all you have to do is decide what you’ll do with all the money you’ll save.

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denver skyline


2020 is the year that Homie entered the Denver, Colorado market on a mission. Buyers and sellers will enjoy the same savings that their neighbors in UT and AZ have for years. We’ll split our commission with buyers, up to 50% and only charge a low fee to sell. You’ll be rolling in green. Read more about the Homie experience, and get in touch. Click below.

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photo of las vegas homes

Las Vegas

Homie hit Vegas in March 2020 and entered with a bang. We’re selling homes for a low fee, and when you buy a home you can keep up to 50% of our commission. Whether you’ve lived in the city for years or you’re just moving in from out of state, Homie wants to help you find the perfect home for you to kick back and smell the savings. Find out how much you could save by becoming a Homie.

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photo of arizona desert


Hundreds of Arizonans have saved thousands in commissions since our launch in Phoenix, AZ in 2018. First time home buyer? No problem. Seasoned expert? We got you. No matter where in the metro area you’re looking to move, we can help you do all the heavy lifting in your real estate transaction. No hidden fees. No high commissions. No kidding. Learn more about the savings that await you.

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salt lake city skyline


Utah is our homebase; it’s where the disruption of the real estate industry started in 2015. From the frosty north of Logan, to the Silicon Slopes, all the way down to red-rock St. George, we want to save Utahns thousands of dollars when they buy or sell a home. Learn more about our services and your savings.

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