Arizona Real Estate Insider Picks Homie as Next Big Disrupter

My career in real estate unofficially started when my mother, who was a realtor, took me to her showings when I was still in diapers. I became an Arizona real estate agent in 2003 and ran a brokerage from 2007-2012. For the past six years I’ve worked in the title and escrow side of the business training real estate agents in Arizona and across the country on how to grow their businesses. Real estate is in my blood. I love it.

I also love technology. At 11 years old I started taking college courses in computer science and learned to program. I’ve been obsessed with technology ever since. Tech has changed the consumer experience in nearly every facet of our lives. It’s streamlined, disintermediated, simplified and clarified the way we transact. I can file my taxes with the stroke of a key, hail a cab from the palm of my hand and book a trip with a few clicks. So I asked myself, why are people selling their homes the same way their father and grandfather did?

Dane Briggs Joins Homie

Disruption in Real Estate is Happening

The past few years I’ve worked directly with other disruptive technology companies in the real estate space. I’ve helped them better understand the unique market dynamics and needs of home buyers and sellers in Arizona. It wasn’t until I met Homie that I found a company that is putting it all together.

Homie isn’t an iBuyer service like Zillow, Offerpad and Opendoor. We aren’t a For Sale By Owner platform where you have to figure out the process on your own.  We aren’t a flat rate brokerage that just posts your home on the MLS. Homie is a full service real estate company that harnesses technology to make the customer experience better.

Customer Service at the Core

When I saw what Homie was doing in Utah and met the founders for the first time, I knew this was the future of home buying and selling. Homie is obsessed with creating the right experience for the customer, blending skilled agents and attorneys with really easy to use technology. Through an easy to use website and mobile app, Homie gives consumers the tools to quickly sell their home for the most money at the lowest cost. We put control of the transaction back in the hands of the people, while still providing the guidance and support needed throughout the complexities of the real estate process. They really do have their customer’s back. I’ve witnessed it.

Homie launched in 2015 in Utah and grew to be one of the top three Utah listing brokerages in 2017.  Thousands of people have sold their home with Homie in Utah, and now Arizona homeowners can experience what Homie customers are raving about!

Why Customers Use Homie

More importantly, Homie saves customers thousands of dollars by charging a flat fee to sell their home versus typical commission rates. It’s a customer first approach to real estate. I joined Homie because I believe in what they are doing for the customer.

As I started reading what customers were saying about Homie I grew more committed to joining the cause, “Homie was fantastic in every aspect!! They made the home selling process such a breeze and stress free! Homie is the way home buying & selling should have always been!” or “We just sold our high end home with Homie. It was an awesome experience. We saved tens of thousands of dollars!!!” Homie’s growth isn’t driven by marketing… it’s driven by customer happiness. We aren’t perfect yet, but we listen to our clients and are improving everyday.

Change is Controversial

Not all the reviews are positive however. Some traditional Arizona real estate agents may disparage Homie and could be frustrated with my personal decision to join a “disrupter.” I have so many friends and family that are smart, committed and hard working real estate agents. My respect for them is unchanged. I want to make it clear that Homie isn’t “anti-agent” at all. In fact we are licensed Arizona real estate agents and REALTORS®! We just believe technology can simplify and improve the process while reducing costs for sellers and buyers.

Come Join Us

If you are a Arizona real estate agent and want to learn more about how you too can join the Homie team in doing something transformative, visit  We are currently hiring real estate agents in Utah and Arizona. If you are in another state and want to find out when Homie is coming to your area, send us an email at [email protected]. We’re building a team of talented people that enjoy working together and we’d love to have you as a fellow Homie.

There’s something a little scary and exhilarating when you change the way things have been done for decades. It’s not easy but definitely worth fighting for. I’m proud to be a Homie!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Phoenix give Homie a try

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