Homie’s COVID-19 Response

We know that buyers and sellers are both worried about the potential spread of COVID-19 during tours. Homie is here to help you stay safe and buy or sell a home.



The Next Big Utah Tech Startup

Come Help us Disrupt a $225B Industry According to Gartner Research, today’s youngest workers will have between 12 and 15 jobs in their lifetime! If we work forty years we will make a new career decision every three and a half years. You will probably have fewer cars than jobs in your life. That’s nuts!… Read more »



Why pay $18,000 to sell your home?

Have you ever paid someone $18,000 to do a week or a month’s worth of work? Sounds crazy right? What if we told you that the person you paid, turned around and hired someone else to do the job? You’re thinking that’s bonkers too, right? Welcome to the real estate industry. The Traditional 6% Commission… Read more »



Neighborhood Guide: Sugar House

Sugar House, just 10 minutes south of downtown Salt Lake City, is a notably chic and effervescently cool neighborhood. The area is known for classic homes, walkable streets and thriving local businesses—including some of the state’s best local eateries, boutiques, and art galleries. Thinking about house hunting in the area? Find out more about what… Read more »



4 Ways to Outsmart the Competition When Buying a Home

After you’ve gone through the effort of finding that perfect place, one of the worst things to learn is that you’ve been outbid by another buyer or real estate investor. Losing your dream house is discouraging, and it can be difficult to pick up the pieces to try and find another home to fall in… Read more »



5 Tips for Writing a Show-stopping Offer Letter

Buying a house is a tricky process. It may seem like all you can do is submit a good offer, be patient, and hope that the universe has gifted you with a lot of karma points. But if you’ve fallen hard for a particular house and are losing sleep and your appetite over it (I’m… Read more »



Spring is the Time To Sell Your Home in Utah

Spring has officially arrived in Utah! Don’t let the big snowstorm earlier this week throw you off. I just checked the calendar and sure enough, it’s spring. We’re still waiting for the warm weather to arrive, but the real estate market is red hot right now. All the price indicators are looking strong for Utah. Zillow… Read more »