Homie Highlight: Adrienne Allen

Title: Broker

As Broker, Adrienne sets the standard for excellence for our Homie agents in serving the homeowners and new buyers of Southern Nevada.

Adrienne’s Background

Adrienne has 20 years of real estate experience under her belt. She started as a real estate office receptionist right out of high school and was soon promoted to office manager. Adrienne went back to college, juggling life as a mom while pursuing a degree in Business Management.

After witnessing the energy and excitement buyers and sellers brought to the real estate transaction, she landed her real estate license in New Mexico in 2004 where she later launched her first real estate brokerage. In 2009, she and her family relocated to Las Vegas for her husband’s job where she launched her second real estate brokerage serving the Vegas community. Adrienne is dedicated to real estate and plans to spend the rest of her entrepreneurial career in the industry.

“There’s no other career that has a different day-to-day every day. Not a day that goes by that I have not learned something new in 20 years,” Adrienne shared excitedly.

Why Homie?

Adrienne knew the real estate industry was rapidly changing and that the business would soon catch up to the technology available. As a real estate agent, Adrienne often wondered, “Why are agents still being paid so much? We throw the property on the market, do marketing, and serve the buyers that come.”

She knew there was a better way and actively monitored the progress of real estate tech disruptors across the country. “When I saw Homie announce their arrival in Nevada and that they would charge a flat-fee for the seller, it made so much more sense so I reached out to join the team.”

Although the Las Vegas office has only been open for two months, Adrienne is excited to bring more efficiency to the Las Vegas real estate industry. “A top-performing traditional real estate agent can do 50-60 deals per year. With Homie, our agents are able to do 100 deals per year because so much time is being saved in each step of the process using technology.”

Adrienne is excited to meet you and welcome you to the Homie family. “I love working with our Homies which includes our growing team of agents and clients,” Adrienne said. “I talk with them everyday and look forward to serving more of the Las Vegas community

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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