Homie Highlight: Chris Fryer

Title: Chief Product Officer

“I want to make the future brighter and better.”

Chris Fryer is new to the Homie team, but he didn’t jump in with hesitation. Fryer has been an unstoppable force since his start date. We’re excited to welcome him to the team, and we want to celebrate!

About Chris

Fryer has worked in real estate tech (Redfin alumnus) where he stretches the bounds of user experience and innovation, but in his spare time, he likes to push himself physically. He enjoys olympic weight lifting, with his wife by his side as his coach. He also finds happiness in building homes; home building is a generational skill that has been passed down through the years.

“I am a cowboy, a viking, and a techie.”

Why Homie?

When asked why Fryer chose Homie, the answer was in three parts: the people, the mission, and the future of real estate.

The People

The Homie founders spent one-on-one time with Fryer as they got to know him. Ensuring the fit for the Homie CPO position was no small task, but it was an important one.

Fryer said, “Getting to know the founders was great. They want to empower people. I can come here and help drive a vision and company. I don’t have to have vision pushed on me. They want to hire the best people and help determine the future of Homie. We help build the culture. It’s not predetermined. It’s only determined that it’s a work in progress.”

The Mission

Homie’s mission to change the world of real estate and make homeownership a reality for all is not one that we take lightly. There is a strong sense of urgency but also one of quality as we build our team and expand into new markets. Fryer was dedicated to that mission, too.

“When I think of the person I have become it brings to mind the friends I grew up with, the fun things we did, and even the hard things we grew from. All of those experiences were the result of one choice: where my parents bought a home. That choice was guided by a real estate agent. I think about my kids and everything they’re doing and the home I just bought. All those values come down to where I decide to move to and live. That’s what I love about the Homie mission.”

Fryer went on to say, “I want to disrupt the whole process and industry. I want agents be able to do things better and have better relationships. I want to help people make the right decision based on the best data we can give them. We’re poised to do that at Homie.”

The Big Picture

“I’ve seen what this company can be. I want to take it there, and then I want to take it further.”

It’s no doubt that Fryer’s tenacity and skills will be an asset to Homie, and we’re excited to see what his untameable desire to do better will do for us.

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