Homie Highlight: Creed Nielsen

Title: Buying Agent

Creed is a buying agent in St. George, Utah. He helps people find and buy the home of their dreams in Southern Utah, all while saving them money. When he’s not doing that, you’re likely to find him hitting the weights at the gym.

Creed’s Background

Creed has been working in real estate for two years. Before coming to Homie, he was a property manager. After doing that for a while, he decided to make the jump to real estate sales. In the year since he became a Homie agent, Creed has closed 14 real estate deals.

When Creed was young, his father’s work relocated the family multiple times. One of Creed’s favorite things about moving so much was touring new homes. Those family moves planted the seed that grew into a career in real estate. Wherever they lived, Creed’s mother would often take the family to southern Utah so Creed’s brothers could play football. Because of these trips, St. George became a second home for Creed. When he started his career as a REALTOR®, he decided to make St. George his primary home.

Creed dedicates himself to his clients, and he truly enjoys helping each and every client find their dream home. In one notable story that warms his heart, a client submitted almost 20 offers before finally getting accepted. Creed was by their side every step of the way and was there to celebrate when they got their dream home. While he guides them through a complicated and often difficult process, he strives to be a trusted agent–even a friend–to all of his clients.

Why Homie?

For Creed, Homie is a family affair. He learned about the company from his two brothers, Ryan and Porter, who also work for Homie. Creed believes that Homie is the future of real estate. He wanted to help improve the real estate experience to make it easier, more affordable, and more accessible for everyone.

Creed loves being a Homie agent because he always has new people to meet and help. Although he likes many things about working for Homie, for him, the best part of the job is handing the keys to the new homeowner. New homeowners often have a happy, hopeful attitude, which makes it a great way to end their journey together.

If you ask Creed, Homie does everything it can to have everyone’s back. At Homie, taking care of clients and employees is priority one. From where he sits, Creed sees that the company has done a great job so far.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

Want to learn more about what Homie real estate agents do for their clients? Click here.

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