Homie Highlight: Julie Grimes

Title: Closing Coordinator

As a closing coordinator, Julie manages the real estate transaction from beginning to end, ensuring there is a smooth interaction between Homie, the lender, and the title company.

Julie’s Background

Julie was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She came to the United States after she graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business, majoring in hospitality and tourism. She completed an internship at Walt Disney’s Epcot as a cultural representative in the United Kingdom portion of the park. Moving North, she then began working for a large hotel chain in New York. It was there she met her husband, who first brought her to Arizona for his sister’s wedding. She saw the beautiful desert landscape of Arizona and was hooked! Being from Scotland, she had never seen anything like it. Soon after, she requested a transfer from New York to Arizona.

Years later, she took her first steps into real estate working for a title company as an escrow assistant. She loved the process of gathering information and being detail oriented.

Why Homie?

Julie first heard about Homie when she saw one of our bright teal billboards on the freeways of Arizona. She did some research, reading about the flat-rate model and knew it was the way of the future. She had been on the other side of the table seeing crazy high commission checks and knew first hand the amount of actual work done to procure them. It was the interview she had with Mike Peregrina, Homie co-founder and CFO, that sold her on Homie.

She loved his background and the purpose of the company, that the customer was the #1 focus. It was refreshing because it seemed that in the traditional model, all agents were concerned about was when they were getting their check because that’s when they were most responsive to title and escrow agents. Julie said, “When you come to Homie, you interview with a bunch of different people. Everyone I interviewed with was really passionate about Homie which is really rare to find.”

At Homie, she likes having a team of people that all have specialized duties, which is something she had never seen before.

“Everyone has a different skill set and they come together to be the best for their client.”

Julie says, “The company is ever changing with new processes and the market, and it’s exciting to keep up with that. That’s what is cool about Homie, if something doesn’t work, they change it. At my previous companies, they basically had the same processes since the 80s. The biggest change is that they went from calculators to computers, but basically everything else stayed the same.”

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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