Homie Highlight: Krysten Giordano

Title: Listing Agent at Homie

At Homie, it’s important to us that our hard working agents and specialists know how much we value them. That’s why we will continue to highlight our team members! This month, we’re highlighting the hard work of a talented Homie Arizona agent Krysten Giordano.

Krysten’s Background

Prior to getting into real estate, Krysten spent time as a barista, as well as managing the front desk at a chiropractor’s office. Then she married into a family of real estate agents.

In 2011, she started helping with the family business by performing database networking and marketing. After her third child was born, she wanted a better balance for her family. In 2017, she decided to get licensed and became a real estate agent. Krysten and her husband later became a duo real estate team.

Krysten’s decision could have easily caused controversy in her traditional real estate family, but they knew that her decision to join Homie was the best move for her to make for her family.

Why Homie?

Krysten joined Homie in April 2019 after hearing about it through chatter in the real estate community. She joined Homie because she wanted to be part of the positive change in the industry.

“There are other flat fee brokerages, but they don’t do what Homie does. The support this team gets from each other, the culture in having each other’s back is really unique. No matter where you are, everybody rallies behind what we stand for. For example, our team just raised money for a family they had never met to make sure they would be able to keep a roof over their heads.”

Krysten said the best part of her job is helping her clients, connecting with someone, knowing their story and being part of their journey. Whether it’s their first home or helping them move to another state. She loves helping people save time and money.

Here is what our Direct of Operations, Wayne Graham had to say about Krysten, “I can tell you she is Superwoman! Facilitating all these transactions as a top producer and a mother of five kids all still in school. She’s a total rock star!”

Year to date, Krysten has helped her customers close on 57 homes, which equates to roughly $17.5M in total sales volume. She also shares a team NPS of 80! Now that’s an impressive experience!

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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