Homie Highlight: Rebekah Parke

Title: Buyer Agent

As a buyer agent, Rebekah guides people through their home search and helps them land the best possible home. Rebekah has been working in real estate for three and a half years, and she has been a licensed agent for two of those years. She is passionate about helping people, and that passion shines through in her work. Rebekah is active on social media. Follow her on Instagram @realtorrebekah.

Rebekah’s Background

Rebekah started at Homie in the company’s early days, working the front desk and wearing a dozen other hats. She later became a closing coordinator and handled hundreds of real estate deals. Now, she’s a full-fledged licensed agent. Real estate was always part of Rebekah’s life plan; it just made sense to her. She liked the way that it opened doors for her, presenting new challenges and learning opportunities. Another draw for Rebekah was getting to work closely with people.

Rebekah was born and raised in Washington state, but she had a nomadic upbringing, moving around from state to state. She settled in Utah when she was in high school, in part because she had family here. The life balance and the mix of small-town and big-city feel have kept her here ever since. Rebekah has many interests. She volunteers with the homeless, and she’s engaged in animal rights activism. Rebekah enjoys roller skating, dancing, yoga, baking, and woodburning. Here’s a fun fact: Rebekah was born with three kidneys. If you needed one, she’d probably give you one of her spares. She’s just that kind of person.

Earlier this year, Rebekah was out on her first Doordash order. The order sent her to the wrong address. While she was on the phone trying to figure it out, she heard punching and cries for help in the parking lot. She followed the sounds and found two attackers beating a young man. She pulled out her brand-new taser and told them to stop. She fired at one of them and scared them both away. Rebekah gave the victim the cookies from her order (she didn’t have anywhere to deliver them) and the victim was taken to the hospital. Local news caught wind of her heroism and she received some well-deserved recognition.

Why Homie?

Getting into real estate had always been on Rebekah’s list, but she was waiting for the right time to do it. One day, she found out about Homie from a job listing. She did more research on the company, and it really appealed to her. In her job interviews, she asked the interviewers why they liked working at Homie. She liked what she heard. “This was my place,” Rebekah said. She believes in the company and its mission to make homeownership easy, affordable, and accessible for all.

Rebekah’s realization that there was a better way to do real estate came to her in waves—her interview, her first week, etc., but it really hit her at a company meeting where they told the story of a family who was able to afford IVF treatments and have a child because of the money they saved selling their home with Homie. The fact that this Homie baby wouldn’t exist without the company and its mission resonated with her.

In Rebekah’s words, there is, “more room for positivity” at Homie. She likes that at this ever-evolving company, no day is the same. It keeps her on her toes. Rebekah’s favorite part of her job as a real estate agent is helping people, whether that means making them laugh, getting them out of their head, or solving problems for them. Regardless of how she does it, she loves being a part of a new chapter in someone’s life.

Why Homie? “Homie invests in you,” Rebekah said. When she started at Homie, she was relatively young and inexperienced. Homie gave her the benefit of the doubt, which helped her learn, take risks, and grow. Rebekah also appreciates the way Homie values and supports employees’ mental health. Rebekah says the company values aren’t just talk. Homie’s leadership makes a real effort to inject the values of humility, loyalty, balance, and disruption into everything the company does.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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