What is a Flat Fee Brokerage?

A flat fee brokerage is a brokerage that charges a flat fee to list your home on the MLS. They don’t assign you an agent, and they won’t market the listing for you.

Did you know that you can list your home online for a flat fee?

That’s the usual pitch from businesses called flat fee brokerages. The advantage they claim is that you can save $$ versus working with a traditional real estate agent.

While a flat fee sounds nice, what does that mean in terms of service? Well, do your research because not all flat fee brokerages are created equal. Here are a few types you might run into.

Limited Service

Some flat fee brokerages are limited in the services they offer. They advertise that you can list your home online, including on the MLS, for a flat fee. Usually people with a hankering for DIYs use these services in an attempt to save some dough, ‘cause let’s face it, moving is expensive.

After your home is listed, it’s essentially a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) type of situation. Though your home is listed by a brokerage, you have to manage all the buyer leads and arrange tours of your home. You don’t get an agent, you don’t get photos (or you have to pay more), and there is limited contact between you and the brokerage.

That’s about the extent of what is offered by the brokerage.


Is Homie technically a flat fee brokerage? We provide our listing services for a flat fee. Does that mean that we do things the same way as other flat fee brokerages? Nope! Homie is NOT a limited service brokerage or FSBO service.

So How Does Homie Compare?

If you’re considering using flat fee brokerage, you’re probably looking to save money. We challenge you to think about saving green AND saving your sanity. Homie gives you the best parts of working with a traditional brokerage and flat fee brokerage at the same time.

Full Service

Homie is a full service brokerage. That means that you get a dedicated, local agent who has tons of experience in selling homes of all kinds. From list to close, your agent will be there every step of the way. Here’s what else you get:

  • Pricing assistance
  • Yard sign
  • Listing on the MLS and all major real estate sites
  • An easy-to-use app to manage your listing and review offers

We’ve streamlined the home selling process and cut all the fluff out of the transaction. That means our agents spend more time selling homes and less time trying to get their newest customer.

Because our agents don’t try to rush through their transactions to collect a fat commission, you’ll receive quality service from someone who’s done hundreds of deals.

Ahhh. It sure feels good to have a licensed advocate on your side doing all the things you don’t want to do like negotiate offers and do paperwork.

Full Savings

Did you know that the average Homie seller saves $10k? That’s a lotta money for new furniture, a moving van, or maybe a family treat like a vacay. At Homie, we believe in providing the best service for the best price. No hidden fees, no abandonment, and no high commission. There’s only savings, top-notch service, and a simplified experience.

How to Choose a Flat Fee Brokerage

Ask yourself this question: Do I want to save money and have more work or do I want to save money AND cut down on the work? After that, we’d say it’s a pretty easy decision. Click here to start listing your home with Homie now.

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