Moving Across the Country with Kids? Follow These Steps to Alleviate the Stress

Moving is stressful on everyone, whether they’re children, middle-aged adults, or seniors. But uprooting a family is especially hard on children who heavily depend on familiarity. Leaving behind the neighborhood, friends, activities, and schools is upsetting and traumatic. You can make the process of moving less painful for your children by considering the timing of… Read more »



Ask the Expert: How and When to Paint with Bold Colors

Using bold colors on walls can be daunting! Many of us are so afraid to pick the wrong color that we pick no color at all. To teach us how to invigorate our homes with fresh hues, we brought in Michelle Peterson from The Mumsy Blog for tips on selecting colors for wall and accessories…. Read more »



Moving Checklist: What Kind of Psycho Are You?

Have you ever misplaced your car keys inside an Old Navy bag stuffed with bras you couldn’t bear to have smooshed so you packed them with oranges that went rotten before you found them—the keys, that is. Well, and the oranges. We’re not even going to talk about the bras. MOVING MAKES YOU CRAZY FOR… Read more »