Homie Highlight: Rebekah Parke

Title: Buyer Agent As a buyer agent, Rebekah guides people through their home search and helps them land the best possible home. Rebekah has been working in real estate for three and a half years, and she has been a licensed agent for two of those years. She is passionate about helping people, and that… Read more »



Homie Highlight: Allison Timothy

Title: Buy Team Manager As a buyer agent and manager, Allison helps people navigate the real estate market and find the home that’s right for them and fits their budget. With more than 23 years in real estate and approximately 30 deals under her belt, Allison has the experience and expertise to help people find… Read more »



Homie Highlight: Tonya Bassett

Title: Buy Side Manager, Utah Tonya has been working for Homie for three years, where she has contributed to the Homie team as a transaction coordinator, a buyer agent, a buy team lead, and now the manager of the Utah buy team. Tonya has done more than 40 deals as a real estate agent, and… Read more »