Homie Highlight: Amanda Evenstad

Title: Buy Team Lead Amanda leads a team of 14 buyer agents. In 2020, her team sold $60 million of real estate across the state of Utah. Amanda’s leadership and real estate know-how help her team get the best deals for their clients. Amanda’s Background Amanda is from Cottonwood Heights, Utah. She played lacrosse in… Read more »



Homie Highlight: Ben Ellis

Title: Buy Team Lead As a buy team lead in Utah, Ben not only helps his clients find their dream home, but he helps his Homie team members do the same for their clients. Ben has been working in real estate for 14 Years, so he has the experience to get the best deal on… Read more »



Homie Highlight: Erin Gordon

Title: Buying Agent As a Homie buying agent, Erin specializes in helping clients find the perfect Boise home for them. Erin delivers a high level of personalized service and helps guide people through every step of the home buying process. Erin’s Background Erin was born in Vermont, but she has lived in Boise since she… Read more »



Homie Highlight: Batya Cruz

As a Listing Agent for Homie’s Colorado team, Batya helps homeowners sell their homes—and saves her clients a ton of money along the way.  The Homie family is grateful to have her as a core part of our team, and we know you’ll love having her on your team! Batya’s Background Joining the Marine Corps… Read more »



Homie Highlight: Kevin Colbert

Title: Buyer’s Agent As a full-time Buyer’s Agent, Kevin is here to help all of our buyers find the right home for their family. He also specializes in helping investors buy their next single-family investment property.  Kevin’s Background Kevin was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He’s been in Vegas since 2007 and now has… Read more »