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How Homie Started | How It’s Going
Growing up, Mike Peregrina experienced how unfair, confusing, and expensive the current state of real estate can be. His mother worked multiple jobs at the same time so they could afford to buy a home, but even then they lived in the garage and rented out the house to make it work.
Fast forward to college, Mike started to build his future by investing in real estate. When the 2008 real estate crash happened, he lost everything. One thing was clear: the system is broken. Homeownership should be a dream for all, yet is a pipe dream for far too many. He had to do something about it.

Today, we’re so glad he did. Homie was founded in 2015 by two Mikes and a Johnny in the great state of Utah. Since then, Homie has saved clients over 100 million dollars in unwanted commissions and fees, all while putting thousands of people on the path to homeownership and wealth they can count on. The name Homie comes from someone you can always rely on, no matter what.

When you go with us, one thing is always certain: we’ve got your back.

We’re on a mission to bring equity and change to real estate, for good.

In doing so, we seek a changing of the guard in real estate: an easier and accessible path to homeownership for all. That starts from within, with a company led by values each of us live by and are inspired to work by. That’s where our difference starts; it’s at our core.

Our Values

We start with why, fighting fearlessly for fairness. Leadership doesn’t require permission.


We are all in this together and accountable to one another, our customers, and our communities.


We care for ourselves, so we can take care of others, by fostering an environment that prioritizes mental and phsyical well being.


Grateful isn’t dead. Kindness is contagious. Progress over perfection, always.

Everyone Can Own a Home

Did you know that, on average, homeowners have a net worth that is 40x greater than renters? The possibility of homeownership should exist for all, not some. Homie is improving the odds by focusing on improving three areas in which traditional real estate doesn’t cut it.


Affording a home is a challenge people everywhere face, everyday. The Homie family of companies offers solutions such as selling for a low fee, our low interest rate guarantee, and more to ensure you can both build and keep your equity.


In 2021, when we asked Americans about the home buying and selling processes, 49% said they were intimidated by it all. Homie has brought everything you would ever need to buy or sell a home under one roof, including local experienced expert agents, and layered in technology to make the processes easy as pie.


In 2020, when we surveyed 1000 Millennials in America, 65% weren’t aware of the typical 6%** commission fee charged when selling a home, and 42% thought it was free to use an agent to buy a home. Through transparent, simpler pricing practices, as well as programs dedicated to awareness, education, and advocacy for change, we’re committed to making this right. We have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t either.

Transparency for All
Get More Money for Your Home With Homie

We've streamlined and simplified the process of selling a home. By combining the powers of technology and the expertise of local agents, you can sell for more money, faster.*

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*Based on an independent research study. Visit homie.com/proof to learn more.
**Based on the typical industry percentage based commission.
Buying With Homie Saves You Thousands Now & Later

Every step of the way, the Homie family of companies is cutting costs on high commissions and unnecessary fees, all while helping you win your dream home. Don't line the pockets of lenders, agents, and officers; just your own with all your Homie savings.

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Homies are active members of our communities, committed to enacting socially impactful change. Whether it’s spearheading programs like Make Homes Possible, volunteering, assisting others, or contributing funds to mission-related partners, we seek to uplift our neighbors and leave our cities better than when we moved in.

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