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How much can you save?

Homie is free for buyers. That’s right, there is no cost to use Homie as a buyer. Slide to the price of your new home below to see how much you can potentially save by using Homie instead of a real estate agent to buy a home.

  • Save $ with a 30-year mortgage*
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use Homie? Aren’t buyer’s agents free since the seller pays the commission?

    Using an agent isn’t free because the agent commissions are included in the sales price of the home. Using Homie, you don’t bring a buyer agent to the table. Homie gives you software tools and a real estate attorney to help with the paperwork so you don’t make the seller pay anything extra.

  • How can I save up to 3% when buying a home?

    On a For Sale By Owner Home
    If the seller of the home is not using an agent, but is willing to pay a buyer’s agent commission, they often increase the list price of the home to cover the commission cost, so if you come without an agent, you can negotiate a lower price on the home. In some cases, the seller is not willing to pay a 3% commission to a buyer’s agents, in which case the buyer would be responsible for paying their own agent.

    On an Agent Listed Home
    If the seller of the home is using a real estate agent, the seller typically agrees to pay a commission equivalent to up to 6% of the final sale price of the home. That commission is typically split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent, with each being paid 3%. Because Homie doesn’t charge commissions, your offer will be very attractive to the sales agent if they decide to keep all 6% for themselves. The more likely scenario is that the seller’s agent will keep 3% and not charge the owner the other 3% of the commission, thus making your offer more attractive since the homeowner is saving the extra 3%. In this scenario, the sales agent makes the same amount of money they would have made had you brought an agent. It’s a win for all involved.

  • I already have an agent, can I still buy a home listed on Homie’s website?

    Yes. You can still make offers on homes advertised on Homie and use your agent to do that for you.

  • I want to buy a home on my own, how do I get started?

    Browse our listings in the area where you want to live. If you don’t find the home of your dreams listed on Homie, you can search other sites like Zillow, Trulia, and the MLS. Once you find a home that fits your needs, use Homie to schedule a tour and make an offer. Our technology will guide you and help you get prequalified for a loan so you have an idea of what kind of home you can afford. To get started, sign up for our Buyer Assistance Package.

  • What is earnest money?

    Earnest money is a deposit that you make as a buyer to confirm the contract and show the seller that you are serious about your intent to purchase the home. Earnest money can be returned to you or forfeited to the seller depending on the terms of the purchase contract and whether you decide to move forward with closing once a contract is in place. As a buyer, make sure you understand the terms of the earnest money deposit and the circumstances under which you can cancel the contract and retain the earnest money. Your Homie real estate attorney will walk you through earnest money and the rest of the contract prior to submitting an offer.

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