Homie $5,000 Buyer Rebate.

How It Works

When you buy a house from a seller who’s paying a buyer agent commission, we’ll give you a rebate of up to $5,000. Our tools and experts help you find and tour homes, create a strong offer, and navigate to closing. And the rebate lowers your closing costs. Buying from a seller who hasn’t agreed to pay a buyer agent commission? Homie will still help you at no cost whatsoever, ’cause that’s how we roll.

  1. Sign up for Buyer Rebate

  2. Get Pre-qualified

    Show sellers you’re serious by getting pre-qualified with Homie Loans.

  3. Find a Home

    Search homes on Homie or any other real estate website.

  4. Tour Homes

    Schedule tours at times that work for you.

  5. Make an Offer

    Work with Homie experts to get up-to-date pricing data, then use the offer creation tool to make your offer.

  6. Negotiate

    Counter offers and other negotiations are done by email and signed online. Homie handles all the paperwork and our attorneys help you with any addenda and responses.

  7. Prepare to Close

    We’ll help you through each step of the process to make sure there are no issues with the house and everything is on track with your financing.

  8. Close and Collect

    Upon closing, Homie refunds you up to $5,000 from the commission that is normally paid to a buyer’s agent. The rebate can be used towards your closing costs.

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*Buyer rebate subject to lender approval and buyer agent commission. See full terms and conditions.

Homie Buyer Rebate FAQs

  • How is buying a home with Homie different than using a typical buyer agent?

    Homie has automated and streamlined much of the homebuying process so that buyers can do quite a bit of the work themselves (like browsing for homes online to find the ones they’re interested in). As a result, our costs are lower and we’re able to rebate our buyers up to $5,000 at closing.

  • I want to buy a home using Homie, how do I get started?

    Sign up to be a Homie buyer here.

  • How do I qualify for the Homie Buyer Rebate?
    1. Sign the Homie Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA)
    2. Get pre-qualified for a loan at homieloans.com

    That’s it. You’re qualified. Check with a Homie attorney or agent to inquire how much BAC is eligible for the rebate on any given property.

  • How does the Homie Buyer Rebate work?

    If a seller has listed their home on the MLS, they’ve already agreed to pay buyer agent commissions (BAC), usually around 3% of the price of the home. Homie collects those funds for a Homie buyer and rebates up to $5,000 back to the buyer for closing costs. Buyers must have signed a Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA) with Homie and get pre-qualified with Homie Loans in order to qualify for the rebate. Some brokerage fees and lender restrictions may apply.

  • How do I find the house that’s right for me?

    House hunting can be both fun and frustrating. Most buyers find a home by browsing online listings in the areas where they want to live. Start with the listings on homie.com. If you don’t find the home of your dreams there, search other sites like Zillow, Trulia, and MLS sites. Once you’ve found a few you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to do a drive-by. Is the house next to a train track? The only decent house in a crummy neighborhood? On a busy street? These things are difficult to assess online. After you’ve done your drive-by, and you’re still interested, it’s time to set up a tour.

  • How do I tour homes as a Homie buyer?

    Just search for a home, click "Request a Tour," and we will help you get it scheduled. If you've found a home that you'd like to tour that isn't listed on our website, please contact tours@homie.com.

  • Tell me more about the Homie Buyer Rebate, like how much money can I make?

    The exact amount Homie can rebate buyers depends on the commission specified in the MLS listing. For instance, if the seller agreed to pay 1% commission, then the maximum Homie could rebate a Homie buyer would be 1% minus fees. If, like most sellers, the agreed-upon commission is around 3%, then a Homie buyer could receive up to $5,000 back as a rebate.

  • How can I use my Homie Buyer Rebate?

    Any allowable buyer rebate can only be applied to closing costs. It is applied to the settlement statement at the time of closing. The rebate cannot be deducted from the sales price or given out as cash at closing.

  • What if the listing has no Buyer Agent Commission?

    If the listing has no Buyer Agent Commission, Homie’s buyer services are still free, but you will not receive a rebate since no commission will be collected.

  • How does the Homie Buyer Rebate work with Homie sellers?

    The rebate works the same with Homie sellers as any other seller. If a Homie seller has agreed to pay a Buyer Agent Commission, the buyer may be rebated up to $5,000. If the seller has not agreed to pay a Buyer Agent Commission, there would be no money to rebate. Some limitations apply.

  • How do I qualify for the Homie Buyer Rebate?

    To qualify for the $5,000 Homie Buyer Rebate, you need to 1) sign the Buyer Broker Agreement (be sure to inform listing agents that you are represented by Homie when touring homes) and 2) you must be pre-qualified through Homie Loans.

  • After I pre-qualify, do I have to use Homie Loans for my loan?

    No, the only requirement for receiving your Homie Buyer Rebate is that you pre-qualify. We know how competitive Homie Loans’ rates are and they can almost always get our buyers the best deal. If, however, you choose to get your loan elsewhere, you can still qualify for the Homie Buyer Rebate.

  • What if I’m already pre-qualified with another lender? Do I need to pre-qualify with Homie Loans as well?

    Yes, to receive a Homie Buyer Rebate you need to pre-qualify with Homie Loans. Start the simple, quick process here.

  • What do I tell a listing agent when they ask if I’m represented by an agent?

    Yes, you are represented by Homie and have signed a Buyer Broker Agreement, this makes Homie your buyer’s agent.

  • What if I don’t understand something when I’m filling out my online offer?

    No worries. We have real estate attorneys and agents available to answer any questions you may have on the official offer form. Just contact us.

  • How do I decide on an offer price?

    The most important aspect of your offer is typically the sales price. Before you decide how much to offer, find out what your dream home is worth. Homie will send you a Home Value Report on the home you’re interested in for free. Use the report to make an educated offer on the home.

  • What is earnest money?

    Earnest money is a deposit that you make as a buyer to confirm the contract and show the seller that you are serious about your intent to purchase the home. Earnest money can be returned to you or forfeited to the seller depending on the terms of the purchase contract and whether you decide to move forward with closing once a contract is in place. As a buyer, make sure you understand the terms of the earnest money deposit and the circumstances under which you can cancel the contract and retain the earnest money.

  • How much earnest money should I put down?

    The earnest money deposit is usually at least 1% of the home’s sale price. When making offers, offering more earnest money makes your offer stand out and shows you’re serious. You need to have the funds available to cover your earnest money deposit because you will have to deposit it with a title/escrow company when your offer is accepted.

  • I already have a buyer’s agent, can I still buy a home that’s listed on Homie’s website?

    Yes. You can make offers on homes advertised on Homie and use your agent to do that for you.

  • Can Homie help me get pre-approved?

    Yes, Homie’s got your back. Homie Loans, a sister company, offers mortgage loans and can pre-qualify and pre-approve you for a loan. Get started online at www.homieloans.com.

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Homie Buyer Rebate. Estimated Homie Buyer Rebate amount is not guaranteed. Homie Buyer Rebate amount may vary according to purchase price, prevailing market conditions, and other factors. The Homie Buyer Rebate is subject to the commission received by Homie at closing from the cooperating broker minus any fees that Homie pays out. Lender approval is required for commission rebates. In some circumstances, Buyer’s lender may not allow Buyer to receive a rebate and Homie cannot guarantee that all lenders will allow 100% distribution of the Homie Buyer Rebateā€”as a result, Homie strongly recommends that buyers discuss with their lenders, in advance, the anticipated receipt of the Homie Buyer Rebate.