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  • What is home value?

    Your home value is about how much your home could reasonably sell for if you put it on the market within a few days.

    The market is changing constantly, so home values can fluctuate often. Before you list your home, an agent can conduct an in-depth analysis and pricing recommendation. Learn more about listing with a Homie agent here.

  • Does this replace an apprasial?

    Many buyers choose to get a home appraised when buying, and if they are financing an appraisal is required. A value report does not replace an appraisal, but it can give you an estimate of what you could list for based on a variety of factors. It is important to talk to an expert agent when you’re planning to sell to determine pricing and home value.

  • How can I increase my home's value?

    Depending on your home’s condition, value can be increased in a variety of ways. Consult with a local agent to get a good idea of what types of things can you do, as well as what market factors might come into play at that point in time

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