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For far too long, organizations have worked to protect an old business model and outrageous commissions. Homie was started with a basic belief, that modern technology combined with a team approach to real estate could dramatically reduce costs and make the entire experience better.

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By integrating more of the services you need when you buy and sell a home,
you get way more and we can charge way less.


  • $1,500 flat fee
  • Team of agents
  • Streamlined listing and marketing

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  • Up to $5,000* refund for closing costs
  • Dedicated agent
  • On-demand tours

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  • Homie Loans™ Low rate guarantee**
  • Top 1% in speed-to-close
  • Instant prequalification

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*Buyer refund subject to lender approval and buyer agent commission. See full terms and conditions in buyer-broker agreement and agency disclosure.
**Homie Loans™ and Homie have a business relationship in that both are owned by the same persons. Learn More.

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Your team of experienced agents, attorneys, and experts will guide you every step of the way. Technology makes it efficient and our team makes it amazing.

Photo of Homie Real Estate Agent Tahni Harr

Homie Listing Agent

"Working with customers to sell for top dollar and save thousands in commissions is what I love."

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Homie Buyer Agent

"As a licensed agent and attorney, I love helping our customers negotiate the best deal for their dream home."

Photo of Homie Real Estate Agent Michael Hondel

Homie Loans™ Mortgage Coach

"I love helping customers find the best mortgage so they can afford their dream home and save thousands in closing costs."

Company NMLS# 1016597 and NMLS# 1025171

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Join thousands of happy Homie customers by taking control of the process and saving thousands in unnecessary fees.

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Get started today and save thousands by buying or selling with Homie and Homie Loans™. We've got your back.

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