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On average, our customers save $10,000 by using Homie compared to traditional agents.

How Much Will You Save?

Homie flat fee What is this?
$12,000 Traditional agent
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Savings calculations based on difference between 3% listing agent commission and Homie’s flat listing fee. Savings may vary.

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Don't take our word for it. Here are the numbers.

  • Homie listings sell for 1.2% more than comparable homes listed with traditional brokers.
  • Homie listings sell 8 days faster than comparable homes listed with traditional brokers.
  • Homie customers save $10,000 on average compared to a traditional agent.

Based on an independent research study.

“The service at Homie was great. They got back to me the same day... We saved $13,000 through Homie.”

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What Do I Get When I Use Homie?

Homie provides everything you would get with a traditional agent without a fat commission.
Traditional Agent Homie
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Local real estate agent
Listing on MLS, Zillow, Realtor.com, and Facebook
Professional photos
Yard sign
Pricing assistance (CMA)
Easy to use mobile app
Flat fee
List Your Home
Questions? Call (385) 429-6888
$ 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0

Yeah, We’ve Saved Our Customers That Much

On average, Homie saves sellers over $10k per transaction. That’s enough money to take a family of five to the movies every weekend for three and a half years. Enjoy your popcorn.

What Does Homie Do?

  • Schedules the photos of your home
  • Sends value reports and pricing recommendations
  • Installs your yard sign
  • Builds your social media ads
  • Publishes your listing on our website and the MLS
  • Filters your buyer calls
  • Negotiates offers on your home
  • Guides you through contract with inspections, title work, and closing

Have questions? Call (385) 429-6888

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Homie Seller FAQs

  • How much does Homie charge to sell my home?

    Homie sellers pay a low flat fee, which varies by state. Our listing agents are salaried and don't rely on high commissions to make a living. See how much you'll save by selling with Homie here. You will need to decide how much to offer them in buyer agent commission (BAC). This is typically 2.5 to 3% of the price of the home, but it's up to you.

  • What other costs or fees might I have to pay?

    In addition to our flat listing fee, there are a few additional costs involved in most real estate transactions. As a seller, you can expect to pay:

    • Buyer's agent commission (if you list on the MLS)
    • Title/escrow fees
    • Concessions
    • Warranties
    • Other negotiated costs

    If you have any questions about these fees, ask your dedicated agent to help you break down the cost.

  • How long will it take to sell my home?

    The market fluctuates in different cities, throughout the months, and even during world events. Our goal is to sell your home as fast as possible for as much money as possible. In fact, an independent study found that Homie homes sold faster and for more money than comparable homes listed by traditional agents. You can read the results of the study here.

  • Is Homie a For Sale By Owner platform?

    No, Homie is not a FSBO platform. Each buyer and seller has a dedicated licensed real estate agent from their local area to guide them through every step of the process. We help sellers sell their homes fast, for top dollar, and with ease. From tours to close, we've got your back.

  • How do I get started with Homie?

    Click List Your Home to start the signup process. Fill in the basic information about your home and enter your payment information. You should sign up 3-5 days before you want your listing to go live. Once the listing is live, people can use Homie to schedule tours of your home and make offers. Contact us with any questions about the selling process.

  • When will my agent contact me?

    Your agent will be in touch within 24 hours of you completing your listing. You will be able to reach them via phone, text, or email! They'll be your guide throughout the entire process.

  • How do I get photos of my home to use for listing?

    Professional photography is included as part of the flat fee you pay to sell with Homie. You will be contacted to set up the photography appointment, usually within 48 hours of starting the process. Your stunning photos will really highlight your beautiful home.

  • What if I have my own photos?

    We recommend having our professional photographer come out. This service is included and you'll have even more good shots to choose from. If you have certain photos of your home that you'd like to use, you can send a shareable Dropbox or Google Drive link to [email protected] and we will include them in your listing and online ads.

  • Is it extra to be listed on the MLS?

    As part of our flat fee, a listing on the local multiple listing service (MLS) is included and most sellers opt to be listed in order to increase visibility and traffic to the home. Some areas in Utah, Arizona, Denver, and Nevada are outside of Homie's MLS coverage but you may be able to list with us still. Contact [email protected] to find out exactly which MLS services Homie uses.

  • Do I have to buy a buyer's agent commission (BAC)?

    If you choose to list your home on the MLS, you decide how much of a BAC you are willing to pay. The typical BAC ranges from 2-3% but there is no standard. Many sellers choose to offer a commission to buyers' agents to get as many potential buyers in the door as possible.

  • Can I list on the MLS without offering a buyer's agent commission?

    The MLS requires a percentage of compensation to buyer's agents if the home is listed on the MLS because they bring buyers. You can choose not to list on the MLS if you don't want to, just ask your dedicated listing agent about what that requires.

  • What is my home worth? Will you help me price my home?

    Homie is a licensed real estate brokerage and provides each seller with a Home Value Report that includes data on active and recently sold comparable properties. The report helps sellers find the right price that's both attractive to buyers and maximizes your profit. Your dedicated agent will walk you through the pricing process and help you decide what is right.

  • Will my home sell for less money?

    No. Our goal is to help you sell your home for as much money and as fast as possible. The market fluctuates in different cities, months, and even by other world events. It's important to understand that your home is worth what it is, and your Homie agent is going to help you get the most out of it! An independent study found that Homie homes sold faster and for more money than comparable homes listed by traditional agents. You can read the results of the study here.

  • What if I don't understand something when filling out my listing?

    Your dedicated agent is ready to answer any questions and provide clarity. Text, call, or shoot them an email for assistance.

  • How long after completing my listing will my home be seen by other buyers?

    Your listing will be published on the Homie website and app as soon as possible. It may take up to 24 hours for it to be published on the MLS and other real estate websites. To help spread the word faster, we also publish your listing on our Facebook page within a day or less.

  • Why will my home be appraised if I already received a home value report from Homie?

    A buyer's lender will usually require an appraisal of your home to confirm the market value prior to funding the loan.

  • Should I stage my house?

    You can show your home in one of three states: 1) as is; 2) empty; or 3) staged. If you're not sure what you should do, your dedicated Homie real estate agent can offer you guidance. Even if you don't professionally stage your home, decluttering, cleaning, and simplifying your design will make your home look fresh for potential buyers.

  • Will you host an open house?

    Home sellers are invited to host an open house if they would like to. You can ask your agent for our open house kit that will come with everything you need to make it successful. Open houses are optional.

  • Do I have to show my home to buyers? How will I know when someone wants to take a tour?

    No! A buyer's agent will bring potential buyers to your home. You do not have to be there to let them in or show them around. You will receive a text when a buyer wants to schedule a time to see your home. You can choose to accept the tour or reschedule it.

  • How do I choose between offers?

    In a hot seller market, it's not uncommon to receive two or more offers. Your Homie real estate agent will walk you through the offers and point out the pros and cons of each. With more than one offer, you can choose to respond to all open offers by telling interested parties to submit their highest and best offers. At this point, you can choose the offer that works best for you. Your agent will help you manage all of the back and forth.

  • How much time do I have to decide on an offer?

    Most offers include a response deadline of several hours to several days. We'll help you through the entire process.

  • Will Homie install my yard sign for me?

    Homie installs yard signs in most of the areas we serve in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. Upon signing your listing agreement with Homie, your sign will typically be installed within one or two days. If you're outside the coverage area, then your post will be shipped for self-installation. Instructions and a simple video makes it easy to install. It will ship the same business day or the next once you sign your listing agreement. Sellers in every area will receive their actual Homie for sale sign via USPS.

  • How will buyers see my home listed for sale?

    Homie markets homes in a variety of ways, from traditional yard signs to social media listings to get hundreds of eyes on your home. You can expect to see your home listed on:

    • Homie app/website
    • MLS
    • Major real estate websites
    • Facebook
  • How successful is Homie in helping sellers sell their homes?

    Homie is the number one listing brokerage in the state of Utah, and there's a reason! An independent third party study confirmed that Homie homes sell faster and for more money than comparable homes listed by traditional brokerages. The average Homie home sold an estimated eight days faster and for an average of 1.2% higher price. Check out the results of the study here.


You can cancel your listing at any time, however the setup fee is non-refundable. It covers the cost of your Homie yard sign and professional photography, which are shipped and ordered automatically when you sign up. If you are unsure about selling your home or have questions about Homie, please contact us before listing.