See homes and stay healthy during COVID-19. Learn More

See Homes and Stay Healthy

Your full-time, dedicated agent will continue to help you through the buying process. Here are some things to be aware of during this time

  • Video walkthroughs. Many home sellers may be reluctant to allow a large number of buyers to visit and inspect their home on showings. To help deal with this issue, Homie will be encouraging sellers of Homie-listed homes to create video walkthroughs of their home. Homie sellers will not be hosting open houses during this time.
  • Video-chat tours. If you are getting serious about a specific home, our agents may be able to take you on a video-chat tour of a home through Facetime or other video conferencing tools.
  • In-person tours. Where video walkthroughs or virtual tours are unavailable, your Homie Buyer Agent will do their best to secure an in-person visit but will be following the CDC’s recommendations around social distancing.
  • Pre-approval. If you haven’t already, this is a good time to get pre-approved for a loan so you can narrow your search and minimize the number of tours you are requesting. Your buyer agent can help you narrow down the list of homes you would like to see to limit any exposure.
  • Closings. Once you are under contract on your dream home, you may see unexpected delays in closing your transaction due to limited availability of third-party service providers, such as county recorders, appraisers, or inspectors. Your Homie Buyer Agent will continue to communicate with you often about your timeline.

You’ll Save Thousands When You Sell With Homie

Homie’s mission is to save home sellers thousands in fees and commissions. Average Homie customers save $10,000. No hidden fees. No high commissions. Just massive savings and five-star service.

How much does it cost to sell?

Homie charges a flat listing fee regardless of the price of your home and you only pay when it sells. If the buyer is also using Homie, you pay a flat buyer fee versus a percentage of your home so you’ll save even more. If the buyer isn’t using Homie, you’ll have to decide how much commission to offer the other agent. You can calculate your actual cost and savings below.

listing fee
Buyer fee
if buyer is
using Homie
Buyer Agent
if buyer is not
using Homie
Utah $2,000 $1,500 Typically % based,
chosen by you
Phoenix $2,500 $2,000 Typically % based,
chosen by you
Las Vegas $2,500 $2,000 Typically % based,
chosen by you

Calculate Your Savings

Who is representing the buyer?
You could save up to $19,700 by using Homie.
Homie Homie Traditional
Home Buying
Tech Company
Listing Fee $2,000 $9,000 $0
Buyer Agent Commission $1,500 $9,000 $22,500
Total $2,800 $18,000 $22,500

Is it too good to be true?

No, it’s just the way real estate should be. Just ask 5,000 customers that have discovered you really do get amazing service without paying an arm and leg. How do we do it?

  • Our technology creates efficiencies in the process of selling a home.
  • Our full-time agents don’t get paid percentage-based commissions and do a ton of deals.
  • Our one-stop real estate experience allows us to offer more services but charge way less.