Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Homie?

    Homie is the new way to buy or sell a home. Homie’s technology automates the entire real estate transaction for buyers and sellers. The bottom line, you handle more of the transaction yourself using our simple online tools, and pay a fraction of the cost. Instead of the typical 6% commission fees charged by traditional real estate agents (which is $18,000 on a $300,000 home), Homie charges a low fee and zero commissions. Learn more about how we help buyers and sellers.

  • How much are agent commission fees?

    Homie sellers pay a low flat fee in place of traditional commissions. We also don’t charge buyers to use Homie.

  • How much does Homie cost?

    Sellers pay a flat fee of $1,498 in two installments, $199 at set-up and $1,299 at closing. This fee covers all Homie services.

    Buyers don’t pay anything. There is no cost to use Homie as a buyer and buyers can qualify for up to $5,000 in rebates.

  • Can Homie help with the paperwork?

    Yes. If you want help negotiating the ins and outs of the real estate purchase contract, you’re in luck. Homie has licensed real estate attorneys and agents who will walk you through the contract and help you draft your addenda, making sure everything is worded correctly and nothing is missing.

  • Does Homie also handle home loans?

    Homie has a sister company, Homie Loans, that is owned and operated by the same owners. Homie Loans provides some of the most competitive loans in the state. It uses technology to streamline the loan process and has an app that increases transparency into the loan process. Homie Loans loan officers are paid different than others, reducing commissions in order to save you thousands on your home loan.

  • Where does Homie operate?

    Homie is now serving the state of Utah. We plan to expand to other states soon. Send us an email if you’re interested in having us come to your neighborhood. We’ll let you know when services are available in that area.

  • What’s the Provider Marketplace?

    Buying and selling a home requires an entire team of service providers, from homeowners insurance to home inspectors, appraisers and everything else you’ll need for your home. Homie makes it easy to find reliable providers for each leg of the journey. You always choose who you want to work with, knowing that Homie’s got your back. Browse our list of service providers here.

  • How is buying a home with Homie different than using a typical buyer agent?

    Homie has automated and streamlined much of the homebuying process so that buyers can do quite a bit of the work themselves (like browsing for homes online to find the ones they’re interested in). As a result, our costs are lower and we’re able to rebate our buyers up to $5,000 at closing.

  • I want to buy a home using Homie, how do I get started?

    Sign up to be a Homie buyer here.

  • How do I qualify for the Homie Buyer Rebate?
    1. Sign the Homie Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA)
    2. Get pre-qualified for a loan at

    That’s it. You’re qualified. Check with a Homie attorney or agent to inquire how much BAC is eligible for the rebate on any given property.

  • How does the Homie Buyer Rebate work?

    If a seller has listed their home on the MLS, they’ve already agreed to pay buyer agent commissions (BAC), usually around 3% of the price of the home. Homie collects those funds for a Homie buyer and rebates up to $5,000 back to the buyer for closing costs. Buyers must have signed a Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA) with Homie and get pre-qualified with Homie Loans in order to qualify for the rebate. Some brokerage fees and lender restrictions may apply.

  • How do I find the house that’s right for me?

    House hunting can be both fun and frustrating. Most buyers find a home by browsing online listings in the areas where they want to live. Start with the listings on If you don’t find the home of your dreams there, search other sites like Zillow, Trulia, and MLS sites. Once you’ve found a few you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to do a drive-by. Is the house next to a train track? The only decent house in a crummy neighborhood? On a busy street? These things are difficult to assess online. After you’ve done your drive-by, and you’re still interested, it’s time to set up a tour.

  • How do I tour homes as a Homie buyer?

    Just search for a home, click "Request a Tour," and we will help you get it scheduled. If you've found a home that you'd like to tour that isn't listed on our website, please contact

  • Tell me more about the Homie Buyer Rebate, like how much money can I make?

    The exact amount Homie can rebate buyers depends on the commission specified in the MLS listing. For instance, if the seller agreed to pay 1% commission, then the maximum Homie could rebate a Homie buyer would be 1% minus fees. If, like most sellers, the agreed-upon commission is around 3%, then a Homie buyer could receive up to $5,000 back as a rebate.

  • How can I use my Homie Buyer Rebate?

    Any allowable buyer rebate can only be applied to closing costs. It is applied to the settlement statement at the time of closing. The rebate cannot be deducted from the sales price or given out as cash at closing.

  • What if the listing has no Buyer Agent Commission?

    If the listing has no Buyer Agent Commission, Homie’s buyer services are still free, but you will not receive a rebate since no commission will be collected.

  • How does the Homie Buyer Rebate work with Homie sellers?

    The rebate works the same with Homie sellers as any other seller. If a Homie seller has agreed to pay a Buyer Agent Commission, the buyer may be rebated up to $5,000. If the seller has not agreed to pay a Buyer Agent Commission, there would be no money to rebate. Some limitations apply.

  • How do I qualify for the Homie Buyer Rebate?

    To qualify for the $5,000 Homie Buyer Rebate, you need to 1) sign the Buyer Broker Agreement (be sure to inform listing agents that you are represented by Homie when touring homes) and 2) you must be pre-qualified through Homie Loans.

  • After I pre-qualify, do I have to use Homie Loans for my loan?

    No, the only requirement for receiving your Homie Buyer Rebate is that you pre-qualify. We know how competitive Homie Loans’ rates are and they can almost always get our buyers the best deal. If, however, you choose to get your loan elsewhere, you can still qualify for the Homie Buyer Rebate.

  • What if I’m already pre-qualified with another lender? Do I need to pre-qualify with Homie Loans as well?

    Yes, to receive a Homie Buyer Rebate you need to pre-qualify with Homie Loans. Start the simple, quick process here.

  • What do I tell a listing agent when they ask if I’m represented by an agent?

    Yes, you are represented by Homie and have signed a Buyer Broker Agreement, this makes Homie your buyer’s agent.

  • What if I don’t understand something when I’m filling out my online offer?

    No worries. We have real estate attorneys and agents available to answer any questions you may have on the official offer form. Just contact us.

  • How do I decide on an offer price?

    The most important aspect of your offer is typically the sales price. Before you decide how much to offer, find out what your dream home is worth. Homie will send you a Home Value Report on the home you’re interested in for free. Use the report to make an educated offer on the home.

  • What is earnest money?

    Earnest money is a deposit that you make as a buyer to confirm the contract and show the seller that you are serious about your intent to purchase the home. Earnest money can be returned to you or forfeited to the seller depending on the terms of the purchase contract and whether you decide to move forward with closing once a contract is in place. As a buyer, make sure you understand the terms of the earnest money deposit and the circumstances under which you can cancel the contract and retain the earnest money.

  • How much earnest money should I put down?

    The earnest money deposit is usually at least 1% of the home’s sale price. When making offers, offering more earnest money makes your offer stand out and shows you’re serious. You need to have the funds available to cover your earnest money deposit because you will have to deposit it with a title/escrow company when your offer is accepted.

  • I already have a buyer’s agent, can I still buy a home that’s listed on Homie’s website?

    Yes. You can make offers on homes advertised on Homie and use your agent to do that for you.

  • Can Homie help me get pre-approved?

    Yes, Homie’s got your back. Homie Loans, a sister company, offers mortgage loans and can pre-qualify and pre-approve you for a loan. Get started online at

  • How do I get started with Homie?

    Click “List Your Home” to start the signup process. Fill in the basic information about your home and enter your payment information. Once you complete the signup process, we’ll send you a yard sign, reach out to schedule a time for a photographer to take photos of your home and start building your ads. You should sign up 3-5 days before you want your listing to go live. Once the listing is live, people can use Homie to schedule tours of your home and make offers. Contact us if you have any questions about the signup process.

  • How do I get photos of my home?

    Professional photography is included as part of the seller package. We will contact you within one business day of signing up to schedule an appointment to take photos of your home.

  • What if I have my own photos?

    We recommend having our professional photographer come out. This service is included and you’ll have even more good shots to choose from. If you have certain photos of your home that you’d like to use, you can send a shareable Dropbox or Google Drive link to and we will include them in your listing and online ads.

  • Is it extra to be listed on the MLS?

    No. Our standard advertising package now includes a free listing on the Wasatch Front MLS and most sellers opt to be listed in order to increase visibility and traffic to the home.

  • Do I have to pay a buyer’s agent commission (BAC)?

    You decide whether you will pay a BAC to an agent who brings you a buyer. Most sellers choose to offer a commission to buyers’ agents to get as many potential buyers in the door as possible. You should evaluate all offers against each other and choose the one that is best for you, regardless of whether there’s an agent on the other side. If you’re not willing to pay a buyer’s agent commission at all, agents may not bring buyers to your house if they don’t think they will be compensated. If you choose to list on the MLS, you will need to specify how much of a BAC you are willing to pay.

  • How does call filtering work?

    When you list your home with Homie, you’ll want to keep your private phone information private, so we assign you a Homie-specific phone number. Callers can select one of three options. They can: 1) schedule a tour; 2) contact you directly; or 3) hear a description of your home. You can then choose which calls you want to respond to and avoid those calls that tend to be a disruption. Note: now that Homie is a real estate brokerage, other real estate agents are not allowed to call you for the purpose of trying to acquire your listing.

  • How does Homie help sellers price their homes?

    Through Homie, sellers have access to all the same data that real estate agents have. Homie provides a home value report to help sellers zero in on a price that’s both attractive to buyers and highly profitable.

  • What if I don’t understand something when filling out my forms?

    Don’t worry, Homie’s got your back. One of our attorneys can answer any questions you have. Just email us.

  • Should I hold an Open House?

    The purpose for holding an open house has changed. Most potential buyers will have already seen your house online and would typically prefer to view it in person without other people walking around. Still, an open house can work to your advantage. When buyers see other buyers interested in your home, their interest increases. Open houses can lead to multiple offers at the same time. Download a checklist on how to hold a Modern Open House.

  • How do I choose between offers?

    In a hot seller market, it’s not uncommon to receive two or more offers. We highly recommend going over all offers with Homie attorneys so they can point out the pros and cons of each. With more than one offer, you can choose to respond to all open offers by telling interested parties to submit their highest and best offers. At this point, you can choose the offer that works best for you. For more tips on selecting offers, download our Sell Your Home with Confidence ebook.

  • Should I stage my house?

    You will show your home in one of three states: 1) as is; 2) empty; or 3) staged. The best choice depends upon quite a few factors, which we cover in Staged to Sell, an eBook in our Seller’s Toolkit.

  • How much time do I have to decide on an offer?

    Most offers include a response deadline of several hours to several days. We’ll help you through the entire process, but for the lowdown on what to expect, get your copy of our Sell Your Home with Confidence ebook.

  • Why should my buyers get pre-approved through Homie Loans?

    There’s nothing more frustrating for both buyers and sellers than when a transaction doesn’t go through. Be sure you’re spending your time and energy with qualified buyers by asking them to get pre-qualified with Homie Loans (Homie’s sister company) prior to touring your home. That way you don’t spend an hour cleaning and straightening up for a buyer who can’t afford to buy your home.

  • I decided not to sell my house anymore. Can I remove my listing?

    Yes, either party can cancel at any time. Just email us.

  • What does the Homie Buyer Rebate mean for me?

    When you fill out your listing information, you specify how much Buyer Agent Commission (BAC) you are willing to pay. If the buyer is represented by Homie, Homie collects this BAC on behalf of the buyer and rebates up to $5,000 of it back to the buyer to use for closing costs. If the buyer is not represented by Homie, but is represented by another broker/agent, then that broker/agent collects the BAC. Either way, you only pay whatever BAC you agreed to pay when you listed your home.

  • What does it mean that Homie is a brokerage?

    Here are a few of the things you should know when working with a Homie customer.

    • We have a listing agreement, which protects the buyer agent commission.
    • We offer limited representation for our sellers and buyers.
    • We charge sellers a flat fee. This includes help with negotiations, contracts, and addendums. If the Seller has chosen to list on the MLS, the commission agreement stipulated therein will apply.
    • When working with Homie sellers: All contract documents go directly to Homie; all appointments requiring access to the home go directly to the seller, including showings, inspections, appraisal access, etc.
    • Our buyers use automated tour scheduling software to schedule to tour the home.
  • Do Homie buyers sign a Buyer Broker Agreement?

    Before buyers can send offers using Homie software, they must sign a Limited Buyer Broker Agreement. These buyers use our real estate attorneys to help them write up the purchase contract and any necessary addenda and counteroffers. Our software also shows our customers when and how to schedule home inspections, order home warranty plans, progress to closing and meet contract deadlines.

  • How does Homie’s Tour Scheduler work?

    If your client wants to view a Homie-listed home, you can schedule a tour through our automated tour scheduling tool. Simply click or tap the “Request a Tour” button on the listing page for the home you are interested in and select your preferred time to view the home. The seller will confirm the time and you will both receive a notification that the appointment is set.

  • What does Homie’s Buyer Broker Agreement mean to me as a listing agent?

    Homie does not conduct traditional home tours with our buyers. As a result, a Homie buyer may ask you to open the door for them so they can view the home. Homie buyers are often able to make strong offers because Homie rebates them $5,000 at closing. This is $5,000 they won’t need to ask your seller to pay. If you have any questions about homie buyers wanting to tour your listings, please contact

  • What does Homie’s Buyer Rebate mean to me as a listing agent?

    Nothing. The promised BAC will go to Homie and Homie will instruct the Title Company how to rebate any allowable BAC back to the buyer for closing costs and other fees.