Homie Highlight: Tonya Bassett

Title: Buy Side Manager, Utah

Tonya has been working for Homie for three years, where she has contributed to the Homie team as a transaction coordinator, a buyer agent, a buy team lead, and now the manager of the Utah buy team. Tonya has done more than 40 deals as a real estate agent, and she loves helping people get into a new home.

Tonya’s Background

Tonya grew up in upstate New York. She first came to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where she studied art history. Now, she teaches art history part-time at Salt Lake Community College and Utah Valley University. Tonya worked in retail management for years as well. She had always wanted to get into real estate, but it never felt quite right: the idea of cold-calling people terrified her. Then she saw an ad for Homie. She applied for a transaction coordinator position and got the job.

She soon got her footing and gained a lot of transactional knowledge as a transaction coordinator. Within four months, she became a licensed buyer agent. Eventually, she became the buy side manager for Utah. Tonya knows the tools of the real estate trade inside and out, and she now trains Homie agents to do the same. She attributes much of her success as a manager and trainer to her teaching experience. Tonya says that she could never say this before Homie, but she loves her day job now.

Tonya has been married for nearly 24 years, and she is the mother of three girls. In her spare time, she likes to bake, travel, read and run. She’s excited to actually run races now that she no longer teaches on Saturday mornings.

Why Homie?

For Tonya, Homie does the same things for her that art does: it serves, inspires, and uplifts. She likes Homie because, in her opinion, the people who work here are changing lives, and they put their money where their mouth is. She likes that Homie feels like a family and that her managers have her back.

Tonya loves helping her fellow agents, helping clients solve their problems, finding the perfect house for someone, and handing the keys over to them. It all comes back to asking herself, “How am I helping people?”

Join the Disruption

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