Does Homie Have Real Estate Agents?

homie buyer's agent meeting buyers at the door of a dream home for a tour

It’s a common misconception that Homie is a DIY or For Sale By Owner (FSBO) platform, but the reality is that we’re not either.

We are a licensed real estate brokerage that proudly employs some of the most experienced and professional agents you can use to buy or sell a home in several locations in the U.S.

What’s so Great About Homie Agents?

Homie listing and buyer’s agents offer all the service and professionalism that traditional agents do. However, there are a few things they do differently. Here’s what makes them stand out:

Transactions on Transactions

Did you know that the average traditional real estate agent only works part time, doing only about six transactions per year? That’s a slow way to gain experience working with different types of home sellers and buyers.

Homie agents, on the other hand, have hundreds of transactions under their belts. It’s pretty safe to say that our agents know their stuff. And all that experience is available to you from start to finish when you buy or sell a home.

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Savings on Their Minds

Homie agents are focused on helping their clients find the right buyer or seller, no matter what. Their goal is to save you money without skimping on the service. Each Homie agent believes in the disruption of the real estate industry. They know how much work it really takes to help you buy or sell a home, and it doesn’t add up to what traditional agents are charging.

Real estate isn’t rocket science, so why do we pay traditional agents about as much as a year’s worth of college tuition? Here at Homie, we believe that the homeowners should benefit the most from the transaction, and our agents should be there along the way to guide, advise, and celebrate with them.

So is Homie Like Every Other Real Estate Brokerage?

We don’t think so. We’re considered revolutionary in the real estate industry. Why?

Because our goal is to save home buyers and sellers money without skimping on the service. Homie is not a DIY solution. We believe homeowners should have complete transparency and education through the process but our agents are there to lead and guide you through every step.

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How Does Homie Make Money?

You might be thinking this all sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually the real deal. How does it work?

It starts with a simple concept: Provide everything a home buyer or seller needs. Because each home buyer and seller gets a dedicated agent to help them from start to finish, we cut the costs and the fluff of working with multiple entities. Most of our buyers and sellers use our sister companies, Homie Loans™ and Homie Insurance™, so we don’t have to make such a huge commission on the real estate side.

After that, things get efficient, so our agents are able to do far more than just six transactions per year.

It’s a process that we knew would work for Homie, but more importantly, for home buyers and sellers.

Tap Our Expertise

Our agents are experts. When you buy or sell a home, work with an experienced agent at Homie! Click here to start listing your home or here to start browsing what’s on the market.