Homie Highlight: Allison Timothy

Title: Buy Team Manager

As a buyer agent and manager, Allison helps people navigate the real estate market and find the home that’s right for them and fits their budget. With more than 23 years in real estate and approximately 30 deals under her belt, Allison has the experience and expertise to help people find their new home.

Allison’s Background

Allison was born and raised in Utah. In high school, Allison studied interior design. That’s when she realized she wanted to center her career on people’s homes. Initially, she wanted to be a general contractor but was discouraged from it because of her gender. That fueled the fire in her to pursue her passion even more. She won interior design contests and thrived in her program.

After high school, Allison studied psychology at the University of Utah, got her real estate license, and worked at her father’s mortgage company. She bought a house with her brother, planning to fix it up and flip it. She ended up keeping the house and renting it out. She bought a few more houses and realized she really enjoyed real estate. After that, she became a real estate coach for Franklin Covey. Then she started coaching for Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame. Allison worked for Kiyosaki for 18 years, traveling to coach people all over the world on real estate and entrepreneurship principles.

In her spare time, Allison loves spending time with her kids. Her two oldest are twins, and they do competitive mountain biking. The family has 21 animals at their home, including chickens.

Why Homie?

Allison first heard about Homie from the famous billboards. She also heard gossip about Homie at her former brokerage. She was looking for a buyer-centered brokerage, so it piqued her interest. Allison’s former brokerage was very competitive, and she didn’t like that. She wanted something different after her experience with real estate in other parts of the world.

When Allison came to Homie, she loved the team-oriented atmosphere. Agents helped each other out rather than competing. She liked that Homie was making things better for buyers and putting them at the center. In Allison’s eyes, customer service is at the heart of the Homie brand.

Now, Allison likes working at Homie so much, she has already convinced another agent to work here. She likes that she’s never alone as an agent. Allison feels she always has support, and someone is always there to answer her questions. She feels the company takes care of her and doesn’t put too much pressure on her to make more sales or get more leads. Allison likes Homie’s one-stop shop because it means she can take any problems she has to a team of experts who she trusts.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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