The Top 5 Things to Make Your Home More Valuable in AZ

Your neighbors are doing it, the market demands it, you know what it is… upgrades! You want to know how to get the most out of your home, especially when you’re looking to sell it. While you’re considering what to maintain and what to upgrade, utilize this list to make the best moves.

1. Get Smart

Adding smart home features to your house is one of the best ways to gain value. Doorbells, cameras, speakers, and digital assistants are all smart home assets that make people feel like they’re in the future. It also adds a layer of security that many people feel is necessary in the age of Amazon porch package thefts.

google smart home assistant

2. Get Your Sunblock On

It’s hot. That’s literally all you need to know to justify getting all of the sun protection on your house that you can. Tint your windows, install a patio cover in the backyard, and make sure any car park areas are covered. All of these things can help extend the life of your house and its contents by protecting them from UV damage. While most homes in AZ have these upgrades already, make sure that they’re well-maintained. A damaged awning and peeling window tint are cons to any buyer.

If your home is one of the few that doesn’t have them, you should really consider adding one or all of these things to bring up your home’s appeal when compared to the neighbors.

3. Get Eco Friendly

The green movement is where it’s at! Help the Earth live its best life by going as eco-friendly as possible. Xeriscape your yard to help save water or install turf, add a smart thermostat to help you regular temperature and save energy, get a tankless water heater to be more energy efficient, make sure any appliances are Energy Star-labeled to save energy in the kitchen and laundry room.

nest smart thermostat

4. Get Cool

Living in AZ basically demands that a pool is a fixture in your backyard. Take a look at your outdoor space and decide what kind of pool would be best for your home. Above ground pools are great, but if you really want to invest in something impressive, consider adding an in-ground pool.

No matter what type of pool you choose, it’s important that you install all the proper safety features. Start with a locking gate around the perimeter and make sure the ladder is able to be put away or blocked off easily. While this might or might not add monetary value to your home, it definitely adds appeal, especially to out of state buyers.

5. Get Pretty

Make your house marketable! While you’re living in the home, it’s OK to get creative. Go crazy on the paint colors, but make sure more permanent features are generally accepted. Countertops, backsplashes, and tile are all harder to replace than a wall is to paint. Choose styles and colors that are appealing and neutral. Keep this in mind if you’re going to paint cabinets, too.

updated, clean kitchen with white cabinets and neutral accents

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