Five Reasons to Consider a New Build with Concord Homes

5 Reasons to Consider a New Build with Concord Homes-Hero

Homie has partnered with Concord Homes, a premiere Utah-based builder. Concord Homes are truly a step above in both build quality and standard of service. Their principle of “custom within reach” speaks to Concord’s emphasis on providing value to each of their customers. In fact, we’ve heard the phrase “most bang for your buck” around the Homie water cooler more than once. 

Here are five reasons why we love Concord Homes

1. Quality

By working with experienced contractors, Concord has quickly established a reputation in Utah for excellent build quality and top tier service, from start to finish. Even their base models tend to exceed other new builds when it comes to house features. 

2. Variety of Builds

Concord Homes offer floorplans for all types of home buyers: townhomes, rambler homes, parade homes, and more! Concord also works with homeowners to renovate interiors and basements. There’s truly something for everyone at Concord Homes.

3. Emphasis on Space

Concord homes feature tons of unique storage space including wall shelving, basement storage, and lots of closet and cabinet space. They really understand how easily cluttered a home can get and ensure that each home has ample space for all your storage needs. Lastly, they get that storage space needs to be both functional and stylish. 

4. Built for Community

Many of Concord’s builds are located in inviting communities that include pavilions, walking paths, pools, clubhouses, pickleball courts, and golf courses! Concord communities are the perfect place to raise family and build community. 

5. Commitment to Building Green

Concord has introduced BamCore, their sustainable bamboo-based wall system, making them the first builder in Utah to embrace this responsible new framing system. BamCore is made of hollow timber bamboo that is processed in a low energy way and without heat, water, or chemicals. Aside from having the lowest possible carbon footprint for building materials, it’s incredibly strong and high performing. 

Considering a new build?
Browse Concord’s beautiful country townhomes on the Homie Platform. Tour them with a Homie agent and keep up to 50% of the buyer commission at closing! 

Homie and Homie Loans have a business relationship in that all are owned by the same persons. Legal Terms & Policies. Savings calculations based on difference between 3% listing agent commission and Homie’s low listing fee. Savings, commission, and timing may vary.