How a Young Utah Family Upsized and Won Their New Home

Every so often, we hear from customers who are over the moon about their homebuying and selling experience with Homie. We’ve dubbed them our Happy Homies. We bring you their stories in hopes of inspiring all towards homeownership. 

Meet the Walkenhorst Family

Location: Eagle Mountain, UT
Age: Late 20’s
Marital Status: Married
Children: One 
Annual Income: $100 – 110K

In early 2022, Coltin Walkenhorst was in the market for a new home for his growing family. The Walkenhorst’s had bought once before but with this move, the family was looking to upsize. Coltin found out about Homie through recommendation of a co-worker and was intrigued by how simple the entire process was. After reaching out to Homie, it was nothing but smooth sailing for the Walkenhorst family as they were able to sell their current home for top dollar and then turn around and buy a home in the beautiful cedar valley of Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Let’s Break Down the Numbers

Sold price of old home: $447,000
Purchase price of new home: $577,000
Down payment on new home: $120,000
New monthly payment:
4.5% Interest Rate
$2,600 – 2,700
Buyer commission given back: $7,215 Sell Transaction Savings: $10,000
Total Savings: $17,215

Simplifying Real Estate

Huge Savings

We saved a whole heck of a lot. Our BAC rebate was over $7,000 and then we saved about $10,000 on sale of the old house. We used that money to buy new appliances.”

Absolute Ease
“I wanted everything in one suite. If I don’t have to have 6 people to be talking to at the same time, I’m all for it.”

Top Notch Agents
“Homie is simple. I didn’t have to do a ton. I got a really good real estate agent who did things right. I’m not too big on meeting up in person, so I never met our agent, Jordan, but she handled everything on the back end and was super responsive. Cody was also amazing.”

What was the best part about using Homie?

The service from the agents was the crown jewel of the experience.” 

Ready to get ahead in today’s market?

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*Savings calculations based on difference between 3% listing agent commission and Homie’s low listing fee. Savings, commission, and timing may vary