Game Changer: Sell your home in 16 days while saving thousands!

Billboard advertising from Homie: “Homie isn’t for everyone…just people who want to save thousands.”


Yes, you read that right! On average, it only takes Homie two weeks and two days to sell most homes. Our official Days on Market (DOM*) is 16 days flat. That’s fast. In fact, it’s 4 days faster than traditional agents! So, why would you pay 6%** in commissions ($18,000 on a $300,000 home) for a process that takes 4 days longer? Saving thousands of dollars and selling faster is a game changer and a no-brainer!!!

This isn’t the only game changing news for today. Our average home listing price is $400,000! We are helping customers sell homes in every price range. In fact, we just had a $1,000,000 home sell with us in just one weekend. We also represented the buyer so our client didn’t have to pay the typical 3%** buyer agent commission either. Do that math! They could have paid $60,000 in commissions through a traditional brokerage. That seller could save enough money to park a brand-new Mercedes C Class in the garage of their new home. That Benz is almost as fast as listing your home with us.

So you can have confidence in our ability to sell $100,000 condo to a $1,000,000+ chateau and, of course, the more expensive the house the more you save in commissions! If you don’t know where your home falls in price, don’t worry, our Realtors use the same MLS data and pricing techniques to maximize the value of your home in this hot market.

Currently, there’s a shortage of affordable housing and homes that list with us under the $400,000 price tag are an even hotter commodity. Every day we help manage the sales of homes that attract manage multiple offers. It’s the best problem to have. With average days on market of just 15 days, many homes sell even faster some in just a few days.

Homie’s tech streamlines the entire process and Homie’s agents and attorneys make it simple. Every client has a dedicated agent so you have someone in your corner to help. Whether it’s pricing your home, negotiations or paperwork, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. We’ve got your back!

Call us at 385-429-6888 or visit us online to learn how you can buy or sell a home, the new way, with Homie!

Saving thousands in less time… Game. Changer.


*Based on information from the top 30 brokerage offices in total home listings in the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc. for the period Jan 1st, 2018 through April 2nd, 2018. Current home listings in Arizona are 24 DOM vs the average 44 DOM based on information from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service for the period Jan 1st, 2018 through April 2nd, 2018.

**Commission fees vary from agent to agent.

***Homie is a licensed real estate brokerage that has a business relationship with Homie Loans, a licensed mortgage brokerage, as in they are owned by the same persons. For more information visit:

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