Six Steps to Take Now to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Ready? Set? The time to prepare for your home sale is NOW!

Start now and you’ll be set to list during the peak home-selling season, ensuring you get top-dollar for your house. 

Spring is almost here. Bears leave hibernation and people get moving. Literally.

That’s right. Spring and summer consistently see a greater volume of home sales than fall and winter. Why? Are you kidding? Who needs more reason than a simple aversion to moving in cold, dark weather? Besides that, moving in the winter interrupts the school year for those folks who have kids. Plus, homes show better when flowers are blooming and grass is green. You and the rest of the nation are probably dreaming of flowers this very February minute. It’s not a secret. Spring and summer pretty much rock for home sales.

Not only do houses typically move faster during the on-season, they sell for more money. This is probably due to the high demand for houses and a sense of “time running out” as autumn, and the school year, approach. An influx of buyers can create a situation called a bidding war, when more than one buyer offers on a house. This sometimes causes the house to sell for higher than the asking price as buyers compete.

How do you get in on this fast-selling, high-price season?


Imagine it. You wait until the weather is nice and buyers are already shopping. You start thinking about how you want to sell. Then you trip on the broken grate of your fireplace which you didn’t see because of the missing lightbulb overhead. You realize that fixing up the flaws in your home is 1) the only way to get the best price for it, and 2) a time-consuming process. Buyers are already touring the homes they will buy and you’re not on the race track. You’re not ready to list and you won’t be anytime soon, potentially for months.

Now imagine instead that you look February in the eye and declare that it’s no match for you. That’s right.

You prep your home now.

Start with these six steps and come back to our blog often. Over the weeks, we will dish out tips on what you can do to get your home sold at a good price.

  1. Shop Homie and other websites as if you are a buyer looking for a home in your neighborhood. Learning a market is best done over time, not in a cram-session. For the next month, search new listings daily to get a sense of what sells quickly and where prices are at. This will help you know how to price and show your home.
  2. List problem areas of your home. Walk the home and property. This might require a jacket, but it’s worth it. Write down everything that doesn’t function properly or is unsightly.
  3. Prioritize your repairs and upgrades. Organize your list of problem areas from the most to the least important. Think small-to-large and front-to-back. In other words, now is not the time to tackle large renovations, which do not always give a full return on investment. List first the small things that will repair quickly and inexpensively, with an extra focus on items that will be seen first by potential buyers. So, the front of the house, the front rooms, and the kitchen. You may not get to all items.
  4. Get estimates for the repairs you hope to make and set aside money for them. Putting money into the house during this phase of home-selling is a wise investment, as serious buyers often walk away from homes that need too much work. Other buyers will give low-ball offers because they sense that the seller is not truly prepared to show the home well.
  5. Set a deadline for when you hope to put your house up for sale. You can always bump it back, but having a goal helps to organize your repair personnel and your own time. There will be bumps along the way. Don’t lose hope! The housing market is strong and by starting early, you have more time on your hands than most.
  6. Contact Homie. When it comes to selling homes, Homie’s got your back. Homie quickly and painlessly walks you through the first steps to the last without the traditional 6% commission fees. Some of the steps to selling a home can even be done with the touch of a button on your phone! So relax. Selling a home has never been cheaper—or easier. Sign up to sell with Homie today.

Note: This post is the first of our Home-Sellers’ Journey series, where we walk you through every step of selling a home during peak season. For more details on selling your home, visit our post How Homie Helps You Sell Your Home and be sure to check back soon for our next post in the series, Tips for Staging Your Home.