How to Create a Work From Home Space You Love

work from home office in bedroom with white desk, walls, and a plant

Very quickly, your home has become more than just the place you come back to after a long day at the office. It’s the place you work, live, and play. It’s important to create separate spaces you can get the most out of and enjoy. Here are a few techniques to use to make your new work area (and the rest of your home) a place you feel the most productive in.

How to Choose an Office Space

Not every home has a dedicated office space built in. For some, your work area might double as another space. Toy room? That’s just a built in babysitter. Spare bedroom? Built in break room perfect for grabbing a quick nap!

When it comes to choosing the right place to work, we recommend picking a spot that you can close off when the day is over. Choosing an area you don’t frequent when you’re not working will help you keep work life and home life separate.

Color Psychology

Colors have the power to control how you feel about a space. There’s a reason why certain brands use certain colors in their marketing; colors mean something to you, whether it’s subconscious or not.

You can easily associate colors with emotions or feelings.

Red is often associated with energy and power, but it can get your tummy rumbling too.

Green can be fresh, clean, and calm. It can also be rich, fancy, and dramatic.

Natural tones have their place in the home as well. White and light gray are perfect for a balanced area, especially if you want to use more bold accent colors.

So which of these colors should you choose for your new work from home space?

We recommend, based off of color psychology, that you choose a neutral color and liven it up with some accent colors and decor.

Another option is to go with something dark and rich. This can help you feel powerful, creative, and smart. Try a deep blue, green, or a jewel-toned red.

The Power of Plants

There are certain people out there that believe their plants are their leaf babies. While you don’t have to treat your snake plant like a child to be a plant owner, just know that the green you bring into your home can make you happier.

Try adding a lavender plant, a fern, or an orchid into your space.

Lavender adds a beautiful calming scent to the area, and its color adds a pop of light purple that is perfect as an accent color.

Ferns remove toxins from the air. They are basically nature’s air filter. Wouldn’t you feel better just knowing that the air you’re breathing is cleaner?

Orchids are adorable little plants that come in a variety of interesting colors. They can bring a liveliness to a space that feels dull. There are also a variety of pot colors and styles you can plant your lil’ flower in.

Feng Shui

The art of decorating and arranging your space to get the most out of it; whether it be a happy family life, a fruitful career, or just achieving relaxation.

Use a positioning technique called commanding position in your home office. Put your desk facing the door without putting it directly in front of the door. This use of space is said to reflect your success. You can also utilize this positioning in your bedroom or kitchen.

There are several other methodologies within Feng Sui you can utilize to make your WFH space one that promotes creativity, happiness, and of course, gives you the best chance at success!

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