Provider Marketplace: The Other Side Movers

Time to get a move on

Getting all of your belongings from point A to point B is probably the biggest bummer about buying a new home. Or you could trust The Other Side Movers do it for you.

“Our reviews say it all. Things like You get the best customer service that you’ve ever had, or Top-notch customer service,” says Chris Nelson, manager with The Other Side Movers. “Our guys are a lot faster than other moving companies and take great pride in taking care of people’s goods.”

The Other Side isn’t your average moving company. For starters, its movers are former criminals.

Wait, wha…? Just keep reading.

The moving company actually sprang from a vocational training school, part of The Other Side Academy, where people who’ve had disruptive pastsincluding time in jailbut want to change their life’s direction enroll to learn life skills needed to re-enter society as productive, contributing members. The Other Side added moving services as a way to teach self-reliance to its residents to show that it IS possible to be successful in life.

“Everyone in our program has to work to raise money for the academy,” says Tim Stay, the academy’s CEO.  “In return, they gain a work ethic they may not have had previously, learn how to work as a team and get along with others.”

What kind of moving jobs do they tackle? Everything, says Nelson, who oversees the academy’s moving services. Plus they travel throughout the state of Utah. “We don’t even charge extra for pianos or gun safes. It’s just an hourly rate and a fuel surcharge.”

Even the “hourly rate” is nothing to fear. ”We’re fast. Our crews don’t have cellphones, so that means they’re not stopping to send a text or check a Facebook post. It makes a difference,” Nelson says, noting that the company regularly does four to six moves a day, and it’s not uncommon to see the crew runningliterally runningback to the truck to get another load. “We hold ourselves to a high standard.”

All of this, plus excellent customer service, fair rates, and full accountability has made The Other Side Movers one of the top-rated moving companies in the Salt Lake area. And, thanks to referrals and word-of-mouth advertising, they’re growing fast, too. The academy just added truck #6 to its fleet.

This great service, however, does come with one slight negative side effect: The Other Side Movers can book up quickly. Our advice: Homie buyers should get on the schedule ASAP. Fortunately we’ve made that easy—just visit Homie’s Provider Marketplace and click on The Other Side Movers to get more details and schedule a move.