The Launch of Homie Helps

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Homie was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to afford a home. Especially during this difficult time, more and more people are struggling to stay in their homes. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Homie Helps. While Homie Helps is planning a variety of ways to help our local communities in the future, our biggest priority is more timely.

Homie Helps During COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected people globally. Thousands of Americans have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet and keep a roof of their heads. We want to assist those in need during these confusing and difficult times.

To launch the program, we’ve partnered with United Ways in Utah, Arizona, and Southern Nevada to help provide relief to those most impacted by coronavirus through a new Homie Fund. The fund is an ongoing commitment to each of the markets where Homie currently operates. Homie’s goal is to contribute $100,000 to support each local community.

“Now more than ever, we feel that it’s so important for families to have a place to call home,” said Johnny Hanna, Homie co-founder and CEO. “For so many, homes have become workplaces, schools, and shelters to protect us during this pandemic. We are honored to partner with the United Way to help people stay safe and stay home.”

This Homie Fund is part of funds set up by local United Ways to assist those impacted by COVID-19. Donations to the Homie Fund will be directed to help people stay in their homes by helping them pay for their rent, mortgage, and utility bills. Homie has seeded the funds with a cash donation and is committing $500 for homes bought or sold with Homie over the next 90 days, depending on the market.

Moving Forward

We know that we’re not the only organization contributing to relief efforts for people in our communities, and we are inspired by all of the great things everyone is doing to help their friends, families, and neighbors. Check out the links above to learn more about getting in contact with relief effort representatives. To find out more about the Homie home selling process, click here.