What’s a Listing Agent?

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Whether you’re buying or selling your home, you have probably heard the term listing agent a few times. A listing agent is someone who helps a seller market their home. They communicate with a buyer’s agent so potential buyers can tour your home in person, and then once it comes time, they negotiate offers on your behalf. Here’s an easy way to remember the difference between a buyer’s agent and a listing agent:

A buyer’s agent represents the buyer.

A listing agent represents the seller.

The two agents will communicate with one another on behalf of each of their clients.

Is a Listing Agent Necessary?

The long story short is no. You can try to sell it on your own, often called for sale by owner (FSBO). Some people are successful in selling their home on their own, but most people still need assistance in pricing, marketing, and negotiating top dollar for the home

Enter Homie

Using a traditional listing agent can get pricey. Homie is the tech-enabled way to sell your home for a low fee. You still work directly with a Homie listing agent, but you’ll just save serious dough by not paying high commissions. When you sign up to sell your home with Homie, you get a local, experienced listing agent plus a whole team of home-selling pros. Homie even has a team of attorneys to assist you with all the legal stuff.

What Does a Listing Agent Do?

They have a few responsibilities:

  1. Prices your home

  2. A listing agent can help you analyze the market and price your home accordingly. Of course, it’s up to you as the seller to decide if the final price is right.

  3. Markets your home

  4. Listing agents help you market your home by putting them online. Only licensed agents can put homes on the MLS.

  5. Coordinates with buying agents

  6. Many buyers are represented by a buyer’s agent. Other agents will communicate directly with your listing agent to arrange showings of your casa.

  7. Paperwork

  8. When it comes time to review offers, the listing agent will go over all the paperwork with you and make sure the offer looks good.

  9. Negotiations

  10. Oftentimes, the listing agent will say that their main job is to protect you. They want to make sure you’re getting top dollar from your home. They’ll negotiate with the buyer’s side to ensure the right deal gets done quickly.

What Doesn’t a Listing Agent Do?

There are a few things out of their wheelhouse:

  1. Show your home

  2. A listing agent won’t meet potential buyers at your home to show off what you’ve got. That’s the responsibility of the buyer’s agent.

  3. Write the offer

  4. While they do understand how to negotiate offers, your listing agent will not write the offer on your home. That has to come from the buyer’s side. They will, however, assist in drafting counteroffers and any addenda you may need.

  5. Do magic

  6. The reality is, most sellers believe that their house is worth more than it actually is. A listing agent can’t do magic and make it sell for more than it’s worth or make it better than what you’re bringing to the table.

What Does a Homie Listing Agent Do?

Our listing agents do everything that a traditional listing agent does, but we charge a low fee to list, market, and negotiate on your behalf. There aren’t any outrageous commissions to be made here. There are no hidden fees either. (You may still want to pay the buyer’s agent a commission, which is typically 2.5-3% of the sale price but it’s your choice how much to offer.)

Will they help you get the best price for your home? You’re right. They will.

Will they assist in helping you with all the legal business? They live for it.

Will they help you have the best possible home buying experience? They wouldn’t be a Homie if they didn’t want to.

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There’s No Place Like Homie, There’s No Place Like Homie

Really though, our licensed listing agents are ready to help you sell your home for a fraction of the cost of a traditional agent. Click here to learn more about how to sell your home with Homie, or click here to jump right into the process.