Homie Highlight: Dorrie Sauerzopf

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Title: Lead Listing Specialist at Homie

Here at Homie, we know that our people are integral to the success of our business and the real estate industry as a whole. The industry is in dire need of real estate agents who love what they do, want to help others in every way possible, and are ready to change the world. This month, we’re highlighting the hard work of a talented Homie Arizona agent: Dorrie Sauerzopf.

Dorrie’s Background

When Dorrie Sauerzopf made the move from Ontario, Canada to Arizona in 2013, she and her husband left behind a part-time home renovation business. She had fallen in love with the process of looking for houses and helping people find their forever homes. Dorrie’s career background is in sales, but in 2014, she made the jump and went through the steps to become a licensed real estate agent.

Throughout her career as an agent, Dorrie has helped her customers close on 130+ homes.

Why Homie?

Dorrie joined the Homie team as a listing specialist in 2018. She learned about it through a former colleague, and once she heard about how Homie works, she wanted to join in the movement.

“30 years ago, the traditional real estate model made sense. Agents were looking through a thick MLS book and there was no GPS. Now, people are finding their own homes online. On the selling side, the internet has made it so easy for people to list their home. Charging a small fee is what the customer deserves. This is the way the industry is moving.” Dorrie said.

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A Successful Career

Dorrie has quickly become a rising star, moving up to team lead. In her role, she helps Homie customers sell their homes by guiding them through the entire process. She is also responsible for training and mentorship of her team. She works tirelessly and has produced approximately $25 million in 2019 year to date sales volume individually. This puts her in the top half of 1% of individual producers in the state of Arizona.

Not only does Dorrie have proven experience, but she gives her customers top-notch service. We consistently get feedback from our customers with reviews like this: “Dorrie, our realtor was great! Easy to communicate with, extremely accessible, responded quickly. We loved the whole experience!”

She is one of the prime reasons her team can boast a year to date Net Promoter Score® of 80! For context, NPS of 50 is considered good and 70 is considered world-class.
Dorrie says, “It’s not about the money, the dollar signs. I’ve always loved helping people, showing homes, and helping people find the perfect home for them. This is not a job to me, I love it so much. Not saying it’s not stressful or busy, but it’s something I have a passion for.”

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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