How to Remain Safe & Healthy During a Home Tour [Infographic]

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It’s not unknown that germs are everywhere and that certain times of the year they can travel and evolve faster than other times. Unfortunately, you may not be able to put your move on hold to avoid peak germ season. Don’t worry! You can maintain your health and safety by following just a few guidelines while you’re searching for your dream home! Check out this easy to use guide and get even more info below.

how to stay healthy infographic

Keep on the Clean

If you have hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, bring them with you to clean your hands after you’re done on your tour. You may even want to wipe down the door handles you have to touch. If you don’t have any travel-sized sanitization on hand, just wash your hands before you leave home and after you return home.

Remember: Don’t shake hands with your agent and avoid touching things in the home you’re seeing as much as you can.

Keep Tourists to a Minimum

While the whole fam-bam might want to be a part of the big decision, it’s recommended that just you and one other top decision maker go see your fav home. Between, you, your agent, and one other person, we’re sure you’ll make the right choice!

Remember: The fewer people you can come into contact with, the less likely you are to catch or pass something on.

Maintain Distance

Everyone loves their personal bubble. Don’t be afraid to stand a bit farther away from your agent or the other person touring with you. The CDC suggests maintaining a good distance to prevent exchanging germs.
Remember: If you’re not feeling well, your tour can wait. There are other options to check out a home, or you can send someone who is feeling in tip-top shape in your place.

Limit Visits

Try to limit the amount of homes you visit to one or two. This will prevent you or your agent coming into contact with more germs and prevent you from carrying germs place to place. If you can utilize tech to find your top two favs, you’ll have to spend less time traveling.

Remember: Limit unnecessary travel where you can. If a home isn’t hitting the most important marks, you don’t have to see it!

Live Video Tours

Live video tours are just one way that brokerages and agents can help limit their clients’ exposure to germs.

Homie is now offering video tours to our buyers. Our agent may be able to visit the home you’re interested in seeing and communicate with you via video call. The agent will tour you around the home and let you get a feel for the layout, condition, and vibe of the home, all video smartphone or computer.

Remember: You can ask your Homie agent to explore the home as much as you would if you were there. Open pantries, check out storage areas, and even take a trip around the garage. You’ll want to know if that home makes your top two!

Go Digital

You’ll probably check out a home more than once before you see it in person and definitely before you buy it. Take advantage of 3D virtual and prerecorded tours. You’ll have the chance to do a mock walk through at your own pace. Stop and linger in the master bath, double check the laundry room, do what you need to do on your own time! Homie is proudly offering a mix of both types of tours on homes listed with Homie! Just ask your agent where you can find one.

Remember: These technological advancements in real estate are in place to keep you safe and happy! Don’t be afraid to ask your agent for assistance!

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