Tips for Staging Your Home

Note: This post is part of our Home Sellers’ Journey series, where we walk you through every step of selling a home during peak season. For the first post on how to get started once you’ve decided to sell, please go to Six Steps to Take Now to Get Your Home Ready to Sell. For those… Read more »



Six Steps to Take Now to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Ready? Set? The time to prepare for your home sale is NOW! Start now and you’ll be set to list during the peak home-selling season, ensuring you get top-dollar for your house.  Spring is almost here. Bears leave hibernation and people get moving. Literally. That’s right. Spring and summer consistently see a greater volume of home sales than… Read more »



10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Utah

The average home in Utah sells for about $250,000 right now. Let’s just say the homes that made this list are slightly above average–in many ways. I scoured the web to find the highest priced homes for sale in Utah. I found quite a few properties in the over $10M price range. Of course, if… Read more »



Moving Checklist: What Kind of Psycho Are You?

Have you ever misplaced your car keys inside an Old Navy bag stuffed with bras you couldn’t bear to have smooshed so you packed them with oranges that went rotten before you found them—the keys, that is. Well, and the oranges. We’re not even going to talk about the bras. MOVING MAKES YOU CRAZY FOR… Read more »