Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure Statement

This is to give you notice that HRE Capital, LLC, Homie Loans, LLC (“Homie Loans”), Homie Title, Inc., d/b/a Homie Title; a/d/b/a Homie Title Insurance Agency; a/d/b/a Investors Title Insurance Agency, (hereinafter referred to as “Title Company”), Homie Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Homie Insurance”), and any of Homie Technology Inc.’s affiliated Real Estate Brokerages (Homie We’ve Got Your Back, LLC d/b/a Homie [Utah], Homie LLC, d/b/a Homie [Nevada], Homie LLC, d/b/a Homie [Arizona], HRECO LLC d/b/a Homie [Colorado], and HREID, LLC d/b/a Homie [Idaho], (collectively “Homie”) have a business relationship in that all are owned by Homie Technology Inc., a Delaware Corporation, and that each may refer to you the services of another. Because of this relationship, the referral of a customer—including you—by any of these affiliated companies to another may provide Homie Technology Inc., Homie, Homie Loans, Title Company, Homie Insurance, their affiliates, and/or their employees a financial or other benefit.

Set forth below is the estimated charge or range of charges for each of the services listed. You are NOT required to use the listed providers as a condition for any closing or settlement services provided by the listed providers. You may use them individually or together.

There are frequently other settlement service providers available with similar services. You are free to shop around to determine that you are receiving the best services and the best rate for these services.

Service Provider Service Provided Charge or Range of Charges
Homie Listing Broker’s Commission $1,299–$4,000 (Based on agreement)
Buyer’s Broker’s Commission (Based on agreement; typically determined by seller) 0%–6% of sales price (Optional)
Homie Loans, LLC Loan Origination 0.0%–2.5% of loan amount (Optional)
Discount Points 0.0%–4.0% of loan amount (Optional)
Appraisal $395–$1,000 (fees may significantly exceed this range due to complexity of appraisal and-or property)
Credit Report $9.75–$114.50
Tax Service Fee $65–$110
Flood Certification Fee $10–$30
Title Company Lender’s Policy Premiums $250–$3,395 (fees may significantly exceed this range on property valued over $1 million)
Owner’s Policy Premiums $220–$5,549 (fees may significantly exceed this range on property valued over $1 million)
Closing Fee $85–$600
Document Preparation Fee $25–$100
Reconveyance Fee $75 (only on sale of a property or refinance)
Recording Fee $90 (only on purchase of a property)
Closing Protection Letter Fee $25 (only on purchase of a property)
Escrow Rates for Purchase $450–$2,700
Escrow Rates for Refinance $300–$900
Homie Insurance Homeowner’s Insurance $185–$1,500 annual premium, depending on product and associated risk assessments (fees may significantly exceed this range depending on many factors including, but not limited to: age of home, credit score, past claims of the insured, etc.)