Homie sellers get a free 6-month Home Warranty

You could risk it, but why? Starting October 12th, when you list with Homie, you get six months of seller home warranty protection for free. Even the first $65 service charge is waived.  What is a Seller Home Warranty? A seller’s warranty covers the seller in the event that something like an appliance breaks or… Read more »



Provider marketplace: Case Study Staging

By the age of 14, Michael Templeman was already smitten with mid-century modern furniture. He loved the sleek elegance. The sensuous biomorphic shapes. Eames, Nelson, Noguchi, and Saarinen were more than furniture makers to him. They were designers—turning post-war materials and technologies into furniture that stacked, flexed, and folded in ways never before possible. The… Read more »



5 Top Tips for Calculating Your Offer Price

You’ve found the one you love… the perfect house, that is. Congrats! Now it’s time to figure out how much to offer. Here’s how to get started: Check out active listings in the property’s neighborhood. How do they compare to the one you love and what are their prices? Have they been sitting on the market… Read more »



Provo/Orem: Neighborhood Guide

Want a community with a little of everything—arts, education, adventure, business, family-friendly and more? It may be time to check out Provo and Orem. As the heart and hub of Utah County, these two cities collectively hold plenty of surprises that are certain to delight would-be residents, even the ones who’ve never considered living in… Read more »



Moving Across the Country with Kids? Follow These Steps to Alleviate the Stress

Moving is stressful on everyone, whether they’re children, middle-aged adults, or seniors. But uprooting a family is especially hard on children who heavily depend on familiarity. Leaving behind the neighborhood, friends, activities, and schools is upsetting and traumatic. You can make the process of moving less painful for your children by considering the timing of… Read more »



What’s PMI and How Can You Avoid Paying It?

Pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) or play the wait-and-save game? That’s the dilemma for a lot of would-be homebuyers. And it’s rarely an easy (or fun) choice. Coming up with a 20% down payment can take years. And with home prices increasing 5-10% annually, the home of your dreams is sure to cost quite a… Read more »



Myth: You need great credit to buy a home

Has your credit suffered a hit or two? Before you start thinking rentals, read this. What mortgage lenders are looking for  You know all about credit scores and that, across the three big credit reporting agencies, scores can really fluctuate. Mortgage brokers and lenders will look at your credit score, toss out the lowest and… Read more »



5 Ugly Home Features Buyers Can Easily Fix

If you’ve been looking for a new home in Utah’s current market, you know pickings are slim. Most buyers know what a few gallons of paint can do. But if you’re willing to take on a couple of additional projects, you can turn that ugly duckling house into an affordable dream. Here’s a few ugly… Read more »



Population boom in Utah County

The 2016 Census left no doubt that Utah’s population is growing statewide. In fact, it’s growing more than any other state. But what’s really interesting is where all the growth is occurring. Hint: it’s not Salt Lake City or even Salt Lake county. Utah County Population Growth Leads the State Goodbye fields, hello homes! Pam… Read more »