Moving Checklist: What Kind of Psycho Are You?

Have you ever misplaced your car keys inside an Old Navy bag stuffed with bras you couldn’t bear to have smooshed so you packed them with oranges that went rotten before you found them—the keys, that is. Well, and the oranges. We’re not even going to talk about the bras. MOVING MAKES YOU CRAZY FOR… Read more »



Buy Any Home in Utah From Any Website And Save Thousands

If you’re buying a home in Utah, Homie is the place to start your search. Through our platform, you can make an offer an any home that you find on ANY website. That’s right, any website, or really ANYWHERE. So it doesn’t matter if you find your home on KSL, Zillow, Trulia,, or any other website…. Read more »



Should You Use an Agent When You Buy a Home?

When you decide to buy a home, one of the first questions to ask is whether or not to use a real estate agent. Because the United States has over one million real estate agents (!), most home buyers have a family member or friend employed as an agent. If you’re in that mix, you have… Read more »



Peak Ventures Backs Peer-to-Peer Marketplace for Home Buyers and Sellers

Peak Ventures, an early-stage venture firm, announced an investment in Homie, a Salt Lake City-based startup company trying to revolutionize the real estate industry. This seed round included participation from angel investor, Mike Levinthal. Homie is a peer-to-peer marketplace where buyers, builders, and sellers of homes can meet, negotiate, and transact without a middleman or… Read more »