Simple Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

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So, you’re looking at options for selling a home quickly in Phoenix. Congrats! Welcome to the exciting world of property listing. But before your home hits the market, you should make sure it’s the best looking one on the block. Selling a home quickly is all about curb appeal. Buzzword alert: Appeal! The higher the appeal the greater the chances are that a buyer will fall in love with your property and want to make it their own, and fast. Like, “Hey we just met and this is crazy, but I think I love you” kind of fast! Here we’re sharing some tried and simple tips that will increase your home appeal and get it sold quick.

Getting to Work

As a seller, you can hire a collective of pro’s to help prepare your home for sale. Real estate agents and property stagers are readily available. Oh, fancy! Agents and stagers can certainly help, but the majority of the work will be in your hands. Your mission as a seller is to curate an attractive home, listed at a competitive price that appeals to a new buyer. Mission accepted? Cool! Let’s get down to business.

The window of attraction for a listed home is just one to two weeks. Meaning, that after two to three weeks a listing could become stagnant. Yikes, stagnant. When this happens, the chances of a quick sale will rapidly decrease. If a listing isn’t getting any action, it might require dropping the price, increased marketing efforts, and additional showings. However, if your home is in prime listing shape right from the start, you have a higher chance of landing a solid sale faster! Homie has all the tools available for making this happen while saving money, making it easier and much less work to sell your home. Because, unless you enjoy reading contracts and legal jargon for fun you’re probably going to need a little help 😉

Speeding it Up

Time to get down to business. These are the tried and true tips that will help greatly increase the chances of selling your home fast in Phoenix. Think of these tips as a formula for success. Doing any number of these suggestions would be helpful, but the more you can do the better. Maximum effort is the name of the game here. Buckle up, friends. It’s time to get busy!

Surface Deep

  • Removing clutter is key – Buyers can’t imagine their own furniture and belongings taking up residence in a crowded living room or messy bedroom. Cluttered decor makes it that much harder for a buyer to see your home as a place they could call home. Do a keep/toss/donate exercise or rent a storage unit to help minimize your clutter. Harness your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself, WWMKD?
  • Make it spiffy – Details matter. Even if you have minor maintenance issues, a prospective buyer will notice them. Chipped paint? Give it a fresh coat. Leaky faucet? Call a pro or find your trusty toolkit. Buyers will immediately spot items in need of repair.
  • Keep it neutral – Yes, your family portraits are adorable and that high school championship trophy is magnificent. But we’re going for “model home” vibes and your personal decor might not be the buyer’s cup of tea. This is one time when being #basic is totally the goal 😉
  • Light and bright – That moody, deep eggplant color on the walls might be exactly what you love, but it could turn off a potential buyer. A coat of light-colored paint is a simple and inexpensive fix that can have a major impact on a space. There are 1.5 million suggestions online about what paint colors help homes sell, approximately speaking. You have permission to Google yourself down a rabbit hole of paint swatches. Find one you dig, bust out the brushes and get to work!

Make it Shine

  • Do you have a home with amazing views? – Clean the windows and dust off the blinds. Not only will it showcase the surroundings but it will also add tons of natural light which can be a great selling point. The more light, the better.
  • Find a key feature of your home and make it stand out – Have a formal dining room or awesome patio space? Set the stage with key hosting elements (think bar-ware or candles) and help a buyer imagine themselves enjoying your home.
  • Curb appeal is real – You want to up the wow factor on your property from the moment a buyer spots it. Clean up the landscaping, add some fresh potted plants to the porch and upgrade the doormat. There’s that buzzword again, appeal 😉
  • Looks matter – Professional photography can make all the difference in convincing a buyer to schedule a showing to see your home. More showings equal a higher chance of a quick sale. Homie offers professional photography which is a major value-added service when listing your home. Yes, your cell phone has an awesome camera  but let’s leave these photos to the pros. They know what’s up when it comes to fancy things like exposure and f-stop.

Dressed to Impress

  • Light it up – During a scheduled showing or open house turn on every light in your home. Yep. Every. Single. One. Open the blinds and make sure all the features of your property are visible. You wouldn’t want a buyer walking down a dimly-lit hallway. Take the guesswork out and flip the switch.
  • The nose knows – You’ll want to ensure that your home is free of strong odors that might leave a buyer feeling less than fresh about your property. Plug-in wall air fresheners, diffusers, candles or deodorizers are all excellent options to keep your home smelling as great as it looks.
  • Honesty is key – Of course, you’ll want to highlight all of the positive features in your home, but likely there will be shortcomings to your property. During the listing process, you’ll want to be honest and upfront using the Property Disclosure Form to list any items in your home that might be less than stellar. Homie can walk you through the process and help you feel confident that every form is correct and complete. Leave the legal stuff to the folks that know – that’ll leave you more time for other fun stuff 😉

Do Your Homework

  • Price it right – Listing your home for sale in Phoenix at the right price can be key to a quick sale. Overpricing can risk turning off potential buyers and cause the listing to become stale. Many times listing just below the home’s market value can trigger significant interest and multiple offers. Unsure what your home should be listed at? Homie’s Pricing Assistance and their team of legal and real estate experts can help you work through the entire listing and sale process. This is something you really want to get right on the money from the start, trust us!
  • Timing is everything – A home can be sold any time of year, but the peak sale times are often spring or fall. These are the most popular seasons for home sales because the weather is warm, kids are in or about to begin school, and buyers are more prepared for a home transition. Meaning, they aren’t tied up on a seasonal vacation 😉
  • Hire right – The right agent can make all the difference when it comes to selling a home fast. Homie is the perfect agent for the job because it’s a faster and less expensive way to sell your home. With professional photography, a yard sign, pricing assistance, and showing scheduler all available, your home selling process will be speedy, efficient and inexpensive. If crunching numbers and reviewing legal mumbo jumbo isn’t your love language, the team and Homie totally has your back.

Selling Fast Doesn’t Mean Selling Yourself Short

Setting your property up for a fast sale does require some heavy lifting on your part. See above! But, taking the time to do things right from the start will help increase the appeal of your home and achieve the most attractive price. Win-win!

Selling a home quickly can feel overwhelming and costly. Homie is here to help. With a unique blend of technology, innovative software, and expert customer service they make selling a home fast and easy. Plus, Homie can help you save an average of $10,000 per transaction. 10 G’s? Yes, please!

Working with Homie is as simple as signing up online. With Homie you’ll have access to all the features you need to get your home open house ready; including professional photos, a professionally marked listing online as well as a marketplace of pro’s like a furniture stager and contractors. Homie makes it even easier to get your home ready for sale. Soon you’ll receive showing requests, then offers, which lead to negotiations, and BAM — your home is SOLD. It really can be just that easy when you’re working with the right team.

New properties are listed for sale every single day. Buyers are constantly combing the listings looking for their ideal, move-in ready home. Your property can absolutely be that home now that you have the tried and true tips to make it stand out above the rest. Rule number one: It’s all about appeal. There’s that buzzword again! By using our list of tips you’ll skyrocket the chances of a buyer seeing and also loving your property. The more potential buyers love it, the faster the sale. It’s like speed dating, but for homes. You want love at first sight!

Real estate listing can feel complicated. But it doesn’t need to be. With the team at Homie on your side, your home sale just got a whole lot simpler. Plus, you can save thousands of dollars working with their attorneys, agents, and other experts. Sometimes, you need a homie that has your back 😉

Let’s Get Started!

Sure, there are tons of properties on the market, but there’s only one just like yours. Following our tips to sell your home quickly is a major part of the listing process, but working with a solid team of experts is equally as important. After all the hours of prepping, decluttering and staging your home, you don’t want to hand it over to just any agent. You need the right agent, one that loves legal jargon, is cool with technology and wants to save you lots of dollar bills. Now that we’ve given you the tips for selling your home quick  what are you waiting for? The team at Homie is ready and excited to help you list your home now that you know exactly what you need to make your property shine bright like the gem it is!


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