Top 7 Home Styles in Las Vegas

beautiful spanish style home with pool

Las Vegas is known for lavish extravagance and while this may seem fleeting, the homes are designed to stay. Like Rembrandt and Renoir, the top home styles in Vegas are modeled after classics and withstand the test of time. Because of the hot and dry climate, however, certain building materials last longer than others. When selling or buying, the overall look and longevity are aspects to consider. Before investing in a home or beginning the building process, take a look at the most popular home styles in Vegas to give you an idea of what will remain structurally sound and visually appealing for decades to come.

1. Mediterranean

Finding a piece of southern Europe is easy with a Mediterranean style home. Combining pieces of Spanish and Mediterranean architecture, the style reflects centuries of history. A low-pitched roof with terracotta tiles sits on top of stucco walls with elegantly designed arch motifs. Balconies add to the romantic feel and mosaics are a true symbol of this style home. Wrought iron is used throughout the interior and exterior and the open floor plans encourage airflow and creativity. An allowance is made to incorporate a courtyard or pool, adding natural elements to this European home design.

2. Pueblo

Born in the southwest United States, Pueblo style has a home-grown history. Modeled after the simplistic style of dwellings designed by Puebloans, these sleek, angular structures can fit a large family or two. The traditional homes are constructed in adobe and more modern techniques call for concrete, mortar, or stucco to achieve the same look. These exterior materials provide protection from the hot Vegas sun, keeping the interior cool. They are also designed to remain structurally intact despite the dry climate.
To add some texture to the typically flat surfaces, ceiling beams, and heavy doors add interesting architectural details common to this style home. Similar to Spanish style the Pueblo style incorporates a central common area with the home designed around it. Oftentimes this space incorporates an inviting patio or courtyard. Rooftops are typically flat or sloping in harmony with the flat design theme and may include a parapet.

3. Ranch Style

The Ranch style home, sometimes referred to as California ranch, American ranch or Western ranch, has become an architectural symbol of stability. Made popular in the 1950s, countless families are born and raised in this sprawling one-story dwelling. There are many Ranch-style nomes in Las Vegas and traditionally the floor plan is in the shape of an L and has a one-car garage. if it is upgraded there may be a two or three-car garage. the iconic design of a Ranch style home is the gable roof with a low pitch and the eaves are deep-set. Another design element that sets this style apart is the airy feeling that comes with having a minimum amount of interior wall allowing for creativity with interior design.

4. Spanish

Spanish style is yet another trip to Europe but with a completely different feel. With a basis in Mediterranean and Moorish architecture, the design is inspired by the old country, relaxed and comfortable. Entertaining is an important element considered in the design of Spanish style homes.

The exterior boasts stucco walls and beautifully tiled roofs. A major attraction to this style home is that it maintains a cooler temperature inside during the warmer months. That is definitely a sought after feature in Vegas homes. Another standout feature of Spanish-style homes is a tower and if that wasn’t romantic enough, there are also wrought-iron balconies. In Las Vegas real estate, this style is special and evokes warm comfort with a Spanish flair.

5. Split Level

Made popular by the TV show, The Brady Bunch, this kind of home also came on the scene in the 1950s as a multilevel spin on the Ranch-style. It commonly has a sprawling floor plan with an inviting eat-in kitchen and maybe a dining room for the more formal evenings. the family room is large and cozy, perfect for watching TV. Bedrooms above the garage provide another place to relax and are a unique facet of split-level homes. This Vegas home design is also an iconic architectural image of family and stability.

6. Tudor

A Tudor style home transports you to a European village during the medieval times. With stone or stucco walls leading up to a steep gable roof and an ornate chimney, the exterior is unforgettable. Another distinctive feature of a Tudor home is exposed timbers. These are visible as part of the exterior design and can also be displayed on the interior as well. Speaking of the interior, the floor plan is commonly in an L-shape or an H-shape and shows off familiar masonry, stone, and timber design elements. These homes are always a symbol of class and refined style.

7. Tuscan

A classic Tuscan designed home brings Italian charm to Las Vegas homes. Much like the Tudor and Spanish styles, Tuscan style homes are built with stunning stucco exterior walls and stone accents. These design elements provide an elegant yet rustic feel. Working in harmony with the rustic feel, Tuscan style homes are often painted in earth tones and simple windows fill the space with natural light. These homes, like Spanish style homes, often include a courtyard and terracotta accents. An example of Italian elegance, the Tuscan style home is a masterpiece.

For this list of top home styles, the European influence is undeniable. From the Mediterranean, Spanish, Tudor, and Tuscan, the appreciation is there for classic style with a focus on entertaining. There is also a classic American appreciation with the Ranch, Split-level, and Pueblo styles. Overall, an exterior made of stone, cement or stucco is popular and can contribute to keeping the home cool during the hot Vegas summers.

Having a home that increases in value over time is every homeowner’s goal. Whether building, buying or selling a new home, the materials used are extremely important and the design has to be appealing. These top seven home styles in Vegas reflect the desires of buyers. They want classic style with proven longevity in materials and design.

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