Homie Highlight: Sam Lindros

Title: Closing Coordinator

As a closing coordinator, Sam helps Homie agents after their buyers and sellers have gone under contract. Sam is the liaison between title officers, lenders, and agents to make sure all documents are on time to make the closing process as smooth as possible.

Sam’s Background

Sam went to college to study art at Massachusetts College of Art. She’s always felt the need to be creative. She took her studies in 3D fine arts and graphic design and began a career in retail. She merchandised for Gap and JCrew for ten years. Her husband’s job brought her and her family to Arizona in 2012. Her family originally planned to stay a year or two and then move back to Massachusetts, but they were absolutely sold on the quality of living they experienced, so they stayed! We are so glad they did because it was actually Sam’s experience moving that ignited her drive to get into real estate.

Sam thought, “What better way to share her newfound love of Arizona than to help other people fall in love with this state too?” When she first became an agent in 2014, her first role was taking buyers on home tours. She toured lots and lots of houses. She loved getting ideas and sharing them with others. With her creative talents, she could see past the unattractive and dated elements of a house and give advice on bringing the beauty out.

Why Homie?

Sam knew she wanted to work for Homie after watching a few of our videos online. She could feel the love for our employees and she loved the concept of what Homie was delivering. During her interview process, she met co-founder and CFO, Mike Peregrina. When she heard his story, his why behind founding Homie, she thought the story was so courageous. She knew she had to join the Homie team.

“I love how tight-knit we are. We know the people we are working with on a personal level even though we work a state away from our headquarters.”

What’s her favorite part of her job? When she gets the “Congratulations! We have recorded!” email.

“It means that after all the time and effort was put into the journey, it’s all over and the customer gets the keys to their dream house. It’s the biggest purchase people ever make in their life and they get to set that thought aside and make memories.”

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

Want to learn more about what Homie real estate agents do for their clients? Click here.

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