Homie vs. Traditional Agents

Here’s the first thing you should know: Homie is a full-service real estate brokerage. That means we have agents who help our customers buy or sell their homes. We offer everything you need to make your real estate transaction successful.

You might be wondering, “How does that make Homie any different than a traditional agent?”

We hear that question a lot. To make it as clear as possible, let’s talk about what all agents must do.

All Agents

A real estate agent is licensed by the state in which they work. Every state has varying requirements for licensure. This gives them the ability to sell homes on behalf of homeowners, gives them access to the MLS, and gives them training on how to do paperwork and conduct real estate transactions.

When someone becomes an agent, they have to adhere to a code of ethics for the profession. These include doing what’s right by your client, being respectful to other agents and brokerages, and following standard practices during a transaction.

Consider yourself up to speed on the requirements and function of all agents! Now, onto what we at Homie call traditional agents. What do they do?

Traditional Agent

At Homie, we use the words traditional agent to describe an agent who doesn’t do business the Homie way. It doesn’t necessarily mean that an agent has to be in the game for any specific length of time.

Here are the main points of difference to compare Homie agents and traditional agents.

Lead Generation

The most common way for traditional real estate agents to get leads is through family and friends. Many people feel pressure to use a certain agent because they are related to the family or have been a connection.

A few years back it was common for you to use the same real estate agent to buy your first home, sell it, buy your second home, and so on.

Another lead generation and retention strategy is to hold events like movie nights or send swag (calendars, recipe cards) to their clients to remind them that they still are an agent, and they would like to do business again.

It’s important to take a look at overall experience. Did you know that the average traditional agent only works part time? That totals out to just a few transactions a year.


There are typically two types of agents in a transaction (though one agent may be able to play both parts for their client if they are selling AND buying a home).
Listing agents who help sell homes.
Buyer’s agents who help buy homes.

Each type of traditional agent typically collects a commission when they assist in the sale or purchase of a home.

So as a home seller, your listing agent would collect a commission, and as a home buyer, your agent would collect a commission. The average is usually around 3% for each agent, but it is important to note that commissions can be negotiated by the seller/buyer with their agent.

Marketing Listings

Traditional listing agents utilize a variety of marketing devices to show off homes they’ve listed for sale. These usually include:
-Listing on the MLS
-Listing on the brokerage site (if the agent is associated with a brokerage)
-A yard sign

Some brokerages also utilize what are called pocket listings, where they market for sale homes to buyer’s agents within the brokerage. It gives buyers a first look at homes that the brokerage is listing.


A Homie is a friend. No, really. We are agents who have your best interest in mind like your closest friend does. We’re the friend who’s honest and trustworthy. We’d talk you out of getting bangs when you’re having a crisis. We’d hype with you before the big game. We’d even accept an invite to a Friendsgiving if you asked us.

These are a few other things that make us different from traditional agents.

Savings, Sweet Savings

From what we’ve heard from happy customers, savings are one of the biggest points of difference in a traditional vs. Homie agent comparison. After all, we aim to save home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars while providing unbeatable service.

Home buyers can enjoy up to $5k back toward closing costs.

Home sellers pay a flat fee to list, market, and sell their home.

If that’s not the home buying or selling experience you expect in 2020 and beyond, then we suggest hopping in a Delorean and going back a few years.

Do Savings = Limited Service?

That’s just not the Homie way. Just because you want to save money doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than the best when it comes to service. Buyers and sellers both get the whole enchilada when it comes to working with Homie.

-Local, dedicated agent to help you every step of the way to buying a home
-Homie app access to manage your experience
-Up to $5k back toward closing costs

-Local, dedicated agent to market your home to its full potential
-Homie app access to manage your experience
-Flat fee to have it all

Read more about what Homie’s agents do here.

Tech, Baby

Saving money is the future of real estate, and so is our app. Buyers and sellers can both benefit from using our mobile app on Android or iOS.

-Browse homes
-Request tours
-Manage offers
-Connect with your agent

-Manage your listing
-Set a tour schedule
-Connect with your agent
-Manage offers

Lead Generation

Homie prioritizes each and every customer. That means that a part of our lead generation is providing excellent service at a great price. We know that you’re likely to work with us again because you had a life changing experience, not because we sent you a fridge magnet.

We make every step of buying or selling low pressure and stress free. You don’t need to feel like you have to use us. We want you to see the benefits for yourself.

Remember when we talked about experience? This applies to Homies too. Our agents are experienced in a variety of real estate transactions. Because our agents don’t spend tons of time trying to convince people to buy or sell with them, they can focus on the leads that our great service generates! Homie agents will garner more experience under their belt within months of coming on board than other agents will in their entire career.

Marketing Gurus

You could say we know a thing or two about marketing. (Have you peeped our teal billboards on major highways?)

We market homes listed for sale with Homie with the goal of getting as many eyeballs on them as possible. Maximum visibility is our game, Homie’s the name. Here are a few ways our listings get exposure:
-Listing on the MLS
-Listing on major real estate websites
-Yard signs
-Social media posts
-Pocket listings

Now You Know the Difference

After seeing it all broken down, the differences between Homie and traditional agents are pretty clear. If you want to save thousands when buying or selling a home, choose Homie!

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