How to List a Home on the MLS

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“What’s the MLS?”

“How does a listing get on the MLS?”

“Can I list my home on the MLS without an agent?”

These are all common questions about the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Whether you’ve sold a home before or this is your first time, it can be confusing to figure out what the role of the MLS is and how to use it to your advantage. As usual, Homie’s got your back (and the answers).

What is the MLS?

More like, what are the MLSs? Because each state has its own rules and regs when it comes to real estate, there are often many MLS providers. Even though there are quite a few, they function the same way. An MLS is the ultimate curation of homes for sale in the area they serve. Brokers list homes on the MLS for their sellers. Pics, deets, and all the nitty gritty of a home is published on the MLS when it goes up for sale IF the seller opts to list on the MLS. (You can opt not to have your home added to the MLS, though each brokerage or agent may handle that differently.)

Oftentimes, real estate listing websites pull the information on homes for sale from the MLS. For example, Homie utilizes the MLS from each state that we serve to display listings on our website and app.

How Does a Listing Get on the MLS?

In order to be added to the MLS, a listing must be added by an agent. If you are not a licensed agent, you do not have access to put a listing on the MLS. However, homes can be browsed by anyone on an MLS.

In addition to a license, a Buyer’s Agent Commission (BAC) is also required on a home listing in order to be on the MLS.

Can You List Your Home on the MLS Without an Agent?

If you read the point above, you already know that you need an agent to add a listing to the MLS. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do business with a traditional agent.

There are brokerages that specialize in minimal interference with a listing. Usually, a seller will pay a flat fee to a brokerage and they will add the listing to the MLS. That about sums up the part they play in the sale of a home. Usually sellers choose this option to save money on the typical high real estate agent commissions.

If you really want the best of both worlds (the right services for the right price), you’ll be delighted to learn about Homie.

Homie Will Help You Sell Your Home

Homie is a full service real estate brokerage that doesn’t believe in high commissions. When you sell your home with Homie, you get a dedicated, local agent who will help you market and sell your home for top dollar; all of that comes to you for a flat fee. Yes, that includes listing on the MLS, but we go one step further. In addition to listing your home online, we put your home on social media for maximum visibility. If you’re ready to get listing, click here to start the process with Homie and keep more of your equity!

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