Homie Highlight: Michael Herrera

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Title: Buyer Specialist

We are shining a spotlight on Michael Herrera with this Homie Highlight. As a buyer specialist, he helps Homie customers manage their transactions as they venture through the home buying process.

Michael’s Background

Michael graduated from the San Francisco Academy of the Arts and began working in 3D animation, special effects, fine art, and illustration. He specialized in working with bands, producing their CD covers and flyers. His path led him to the automotive industry where he worked for about 10 years.

Throughout those years in art, he developed a fascination for real estate. When he sold his own home, he made a considerable profit. That experience set off a curiosity for the housing market and he decided to become a licensed real estate agent. He was confident he could be successful because of his customer service and people skills.

“I just love people.” said Michael.

At first, he went the traditional route, dressing in a suit and tie because that’s what he saw other real estate agents doing. It wasn’t really his style, he wasn’t being authentic. He ditched the formal wear, for Vans and a t-shirt. He tied in his love of music and became known as the Punk Rock Realtor. Emerging with his unique personal brand, he was able to make a real connection with his customers, and that’s when he became successful.

Why Homie?

Michael has practiced real estate for almost five years now. He moved from California to Arizona because he knew Phoenix was a big market for real estate. When in Phoenix, he spotted the Homie for Senate campaign signs around the Phoenix area. Michael checked Homie’s ratings for customer service first to see what the feedback was on the customer experience. He was impressed by what he found.

When he met co-founder, Mike Peregrina, he was sold on choosing Homie as the company he would hang his license with. Michael said, “It’s NOT fake it ‘till you make it, it’s learn it ‘till you earn it” with Homie’s leadership. Right away, he knew that he wanted to help Homie grow nationwide.
Since Michael has been with Homie, he has helped close $5.5M in total sales volume.

He says what he loves most about Homie’s model is that real estate transaction is broken down into different job roles, so that all of our agents can do the piece they are really good at and clients can get the expertise they need for each step of the way. When buying a home with Homie, clients start out working with a tour agent to tour homes you are interested in. When they’ve found THE ONE, they transition to working with a buyer specialist to create an amazing offer. A Homie buyer specialist negotiates for on the behalf of clients so they don’t have to deal with all that back and forth and make sure they get the perfect home without overpaying. To finish it all off, agents assist with closing!

Michael’s favorite part of the process is key day. The day he hands over a new home to his clients.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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