How Does Homie Work?

There’s tech all over these days. You can do everything from order your groceries to shop for cars online. So why hasn’t the real estate industry evolved?

Well, it finally has. Homie is the new way to buy and sell homes. We’ve got the tech, the team, and the dream to make it all happen.

Aw yeah, technology for the win! Now that you know you can use your smartphone to sell your current digs, get into your dream home, or both, how does it work? Check it.


Browsing Dream Homes

Our goal is to make browsing for homes super easy, so we make them accessible on our website—and on our apps for iOS or Android. You can sort and search homes by your set criteria, look at pics of houses that strike your fancy, and get the deets on the properties you’re really lovin’. You can like and favorite homes that suit your fancy and even share with your friend, partner, or spouse.

You won’t just see Homie-listed homes, either. You’ll see all the homes for sale through a variety of brokerages. It’s all about helping you find a home that fits your family, lifestyle, and budget.

Booking a Tour

So you’ve narrowed it down to a select few homes that you’re interested in touring. We’ve got the process for that down pat. Once you’ve logged into Homie with Facebook or Google you simply click on the Request a Tour button on the home listing page, and a Homie agent will be in touch to schedule the tour. You select the times that work for you, and we take care of the rest.

You’ll have a dedicated, experienced, local buyer’s agent on your side. We’ve got Homies in a variety of locations who are ready to help you explore each and every home you want to see.

You can book as many tours of as many different homes as you want. The average Homie buyer tours four to six homes before they find the one that they love most. This is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life, so be like Goldilocks and make sure the home you choose is just right.

Putting in an Offer

Home: toured. You love the little rambler in the cul-de-sac, and now you want to make an offer. How do you do it? Ta-da! You can start right from the Homie website or app. Don’t worry—we won’t let you fly solo. Once you’ve created an offer by filling out some basic info on the app, your Homie buyer’s agent will write the offer and manage the rest. If you really wanna go above and beyond, write a personalized letter explaining why you and your fam really love the home.

Your offer will be submitted on the Homie platform if the seller is a Homie seller. If the home is not listed with Homie, your buyer’s agent will email and coordinate with the listing agent.

Negotiations and (Digital) Paperwork

Negotiations are a part of the home buying process, so don’t be surprised if you get a counter offer from the home’s seller. You’ll receive a notification from your buyer’s agent on the Homie platform, email, text, or phone call (you get to decide your preferred method of communication). When you’ve got time to review the counter offer, your buyer’s agent will talk it through and then negotiate with the listing agent on your behalf.

Once you find common ground, it will be paperwork time. You can sign documents electronically and move the process along to settlement and closing. Your buyer’s agent will be there every step of the way. This isn’t a DIY platform. We’ve got your back.



It’s easy to start listing your home with Homie. Create your Homie account and start filling out all the details of your home. Once you are done we’ll send a professional photographer to your home to snap some stunning pics of that swank kitchen and perfectly manicured yard (our photos will make everything look amazing). Once the pictures are taken, you’ll be able to see them on the platform. Select your favorite shots, and then you’ll be ready to go live.

When you’re ready to rock and roll, go ahead and hit Publish. It will take a few days for your listing to populate on other sites and the MLS, so be patient. In the meantime, your dedicated listing agent will be in contact with you about your home. Your Homie agent will be your advocate and advisor when it comes to the wheelin’ and dealin’.

Scheduling Tours

It’s easy for buyers to schedule a tour of your home if they’re using Homie themselves. All they have to do is log into Homie and request a tour. They will look at your predetermined schedule and set up a time to come see your home. Don’t worry—they will have a separate Homie agent that will be in contact with your Homie agent.

If someone isn’t using Homie, it’s just as easy to get a tour. Their outside buying agent will simply contact your Homie agent and set up a tour that way or use a system called Showing Time.

Managing Offers

Well, everything has been digitized up until this point, and offers are going to be no exception. When someone puts in an offer on your house, you may see it in a few ways.

The first is going to be if the buyer is using Homie. Homie buyers can directly upload offers to the platform. Your listing agent will let you know and review it with you.

Sometimes Homie buyers will input offers in another way. A Homie buyer’s agent may decide to email your agent instead of utilizing the platform. Either way, your listing agent will let you know and help you look it over.

It’s typical that buyers with outside agents will have their offers submitted through email. As with any other method, your listing agent will follow up with you and go over all the numbers and conditions.

Counteroffers and (Digital) Paperwork

Like almost everything else, you can submit the counteroffer you and your agent work on via the Homie platform. It’s likely that no matter whether you submit the counteroffer on the platform, your listing agent will also email it to the buyer’s agent.

Settlement and Closing

You’ve done it! You’ve accepted an offer on your house, you’ve been through all the steps, and now it’s time to make it official. Closing and settlement situations may vary depending on the buyers. No matter what goes down, how, or when, your Homie agent will be with you every step of the way.

Take Your Homie on the Go

Ready to sell or buy a home the Homie way? Download our app from the App Store or Google Play now. You can browse homes or start your listing with just one login.

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