We’re not anti-agent. We’re pro-tech.

Homie is a technology platform that’s automating the entire home buying and selling process. With the advance of technology and the migration of home buying and selling to the internet, many of the tasks that were traditionally handled by a buyer or a seller agent can now be carried out cost-free by technology. That may make us look anti-agent but our mission goes way beyond automating agent tasks, we’re also automating mortgage, appraisal, inspection and closing processes. When a buyer or seller signs up with Homie, they benefit from advanced technology, experts and systems from start to finish.  

Already using an agent? No problem. We’re happy to work with you and your agent. At Homie, we simply want what’s best for our customers, and that often includes working with buyers and sellers who already have an agent. In fact, over 60% of Homie transactions include an agent on one side of the transaction. And, because our technology streamlines the process, we think you’ll be pretty happy with how easy it is to complete a real estate transaction when Homie’s in the house.   

Pro tech

What can you expect?

Homie technology helps the entire process go more smoothly. While some technology has found its way into real estate transactions (buyers no longer wait for realtors to bring them a curated list of best fits and drive them around neighborhoods, they simply search online), Homie technology automates processes, improves efficiency and minimizing hiccups.

With Homie, technology:  

  • Handles everything digitally so there’s no wasted time and no repetition of effort
  • Expedites professional photography
  • Schedules home tours
  • Screens unwanted calls
  • Uploads ads to social media and marketing sites
  • Delivers offers instantly
  • Provides all required forms online
  • Sends automated reminders of important deadlines, like seller’s disclosures
  • Resolves 85% of all questions and concerns within an hour
  • Enables electronic signing

Pro expert

In addition to being pro-tech, Homie is pro-expert. We know home buying and selling is a complex process with dozens of moving pieces and it helps to have experts in your corner. When you interact with a Homie buyer or seller:

  • Our real estate attorneys advise our sellers to look at all offers that come in and take the offer that’s best for them—whether there’s an agent on the other side or not
  • Homie’s experts explain every aspect of the REPC contract, helping our customers understand the pros and the cons
  • Homie sellers understand how buyers without agents can bring a 3% savings to the table
  • Homie handles the legal paperwork, eliminating incomplete or incorrect contracts, even spelling errors, that can otherwise muddy the waters and cause delays
  • Homie attorneys draft addendums using neutral language that promotes a smooth experience for everyone
  • Homie’s customer service team responds to 75% of all inquiries within an hour (including overnight communications)
  • Homie buyers have representation to alert them to important issues on Seller’s disclosures
  • Homie sellers are educated on their options when faced with a less-than-ideal home inspection report or unexpected finding
  • Homie buyers and sellers are encouraged to use their own title company, who will watch out for their interests, in states like Utah that allow for split closings

Pro win/win

No one wants to gear up to do battle just to buy or sell their home, with or without an agent. Yet sometimes the inherent stressors of these often-emotional transactions can bring out the worst in people.

Homie sees buying and selling a home as a cooperative effort, not a cutthroat one. We help buyers and sellers understand what the other wants most, leading to positive solutions that are fully acceptable to both parties. With Homie, everybody gets a deal.

We understand some agents may not like losing their buyers and sellers to Homie’s automated, streamlined and affordable alternative, but we want you to know we look forward to working with you, with or without an agent. Bottom line? When Homie’s in the house, good things are happening.