6 Tips to Make Your Summer Move Easier

Summer moving

Are you planning to move this summer? Opening a new chapter in your life can be exciting, but moving day is often stressful. Managing the logistics and moving pieces can be a real headache. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips to make the day easier for you.

Find a Moving Company

You might think you can move all of your belongings with the help of a few friends and family (and a pizza for their efforts). That may be true, but having trained professionals do the heavy lifting can literally lighten your load. Your friends and family will thank you (and possibly buy you a pizza).

You won’t be the only person moving during the summer. Summer is peak moving season, so moving companies will be busy. Because of the high demand, it may be challenging to find a professional mover. That’s why you should book a service as soon as you know your moving date.

The high demand for moving services during the summer also tends to increase the price. Make sure to factor a potential price hike into your moving budget. You can also expect to pay more for a moving service on the weekends, when many other people are moving as well. If you want to save some money, move on a weekday if you can.

Plan Your Move With a Moving List

Everyone has their way of dealing with a move. Some tend to procrastinate and do it all in a day, while others plan and execute the move over several weeks. Regardless of your style, you’ll need a list of tasks to do before the moving date and during the move. The list should include deadlines and have tasks for each helper. Having a master schedule will help coordinate things and allow you to work in sync.

Here’s a basic task list that you can modify to fit your individual needs:

Three-to-Four Weeks Before Moving

  • Find a moving company
  • Take inventory of belongings
  • Sort items to sell and donate
  • Gather moving supplies
  • Submit a change of address request to the post office
  • Arrange storage for extra belongings, if needed

Two Weeks Before Moving

  • Start packing items you won’t need for a while (seasonal belongings and decorations are a good place to start)
  • Contact insurance providers to transfer policies
  • Address home repairs
  • Notify important people about your move
  • Get an insurance appraisal for valuables, if needed
  • Request time off for moving day, if needed

One Week Before Moving

  • Pack belongings by room
  • Label boxes for easy unpacking
  • Transfer utilities
  • Pack a lockbox of valuables and documents
  • Clean home
  • Confirm travel arrangements

Moving Day

  • Prepare your moving bag
  • Double-check box labels
  • Prioritize and load boxes
  • Empty appliances and furniture
  • Perform final room sweep
  • Shut off lights, water, etc.
  • Surrender keys

Sell Your Home

An often overlooked part of moving is what to do with your old home. If you were renting before, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you own the house, you have a choice to make: rent it, or sell it? Renting your home out brings its own set of challenges, but if you decide to sell, it can still be difficult to manage.

If you’re overwhelmed trying to juggle planning a move, buying a new home, and selling your old one, consider using an experienced real estate agent. Having an agent on your side can help lighten your load and get you the best outcome from the sale of the home.

Dress For Success

If you’re moving in the summer, you’ll want to dress appropriately. You will be doing a lot of physical work and heavy lifting during your move. The last thing you want to do is overheat after all of that exertion. That’s why wearing light clothes, both in weight and color, can make all the difference.

On the other hand, it’s not a day at the beach. It’s probably not a good idea to wear your flip flops on moving day. Proper work clothing, like closed-toed shoes and sturdy pants, should help you get the job done.

Bring the Essentials

Your moving bag should contain most of your essential items, such as identification cards, phones, chargers, and money. Summer brings with it the sun and the heat, so you’ll want to prepare for that, too. Water is probably the most essential item for your summer move. With all of the packing, lifting, carrying, and unpacking you’ll be doing, you’re likely to sweat. Bring enough water for yourself and the movers. They’re sure to appreciate the refreshing gesture.

Sunscreen is another often forgotten essential. You might not expect it, but you will likely get plenty of sun exposure during the move. Make sure to get any area of skin that will be uncovered. A burn on the ears or scalp is a surefire way to have a bad time. Consider a waterproof sunscreen that can help combat the sweat.

Get the Help You Need

Moving in the summer certainly has its unique challenges. Between selling your old home, buying a new one, managing higher demand for movers, and making plans, any mover is sure to have their hands full. However, with proper preparation and support from knowledgeable professionals, you can overcome the challenges and move on to an exciting new chapter.