Do I Need an Agent to Buy a New Build in UT?

Framing on a home under construction

Utah is in the midst of a new housing boom. Both the Salt Lake and Provo metro areas rank in the top 10 for investing the most in new housing compared to other U.S metro areas of the same size. If you’re a prospective Utah home buyer, you may have considered the benefits of purchasing a newly built home instead of an older one.

Because the process of buying a new build is slightly different than the average real estate experience, many people wonder if they’ll need an agent before they can begin. While most people use an agent while buying a home, there is no requirement, legal or otherwise, to do so. Whether or not the home you’re buying is a new build, working with a licensed real estate agent is completely up to you.

While working with an agent to buy your new home is entirely optional, the home builder will almost always have their own agents. These agents are not only hoping to earn a hefty commission, but they’re also working to sell homes at a price that brings in the most profit for the builders.

The details of the transaction will be put together with all of the seller’s best interests in mind. If you don’t have someone to negotiate on your behalf, it can be tricky to keep up with the fight for your best interest.

Buying a home, especially a new build, is an intricate process and one of the biggest decisions most people make. Here’s why you’ll be so much happier with your experience when you find a solid agent to help you through the process.

Combing Through the Fine Print

Like all home purchases, buying a new build requires plenty of documents to be signed and contracts to be written up. The unique thing about a new build, however, is the contracts don’t just cover the details of the actual sale. They also cover the details of the construction project. This means there’s a lot more to cover and therefore a lot of fine print.

While combing through that fine print sounds time-consuming and tedious, you don’t need to stress about it when you’re working with an agent. Your agent will be experienced at reading and interpreting contracts. They will explain all the details to you to ensure you’re not missing anything. They’ll also work with you to determine whether or not the contract meets your expectations. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

Building With the Best Materials

There are literally hundreds of little decisions that go into the construction of a new house. There’s flooring, countertops, windows roofing, and a huge list of other things that all have a wide range of options when it comes to quality. If you’re not a home expert, it’s not always easy to know when to splurge on the most expensive product and when to stick with a budget option.

A local agent will guide you through these decisions. They’ll also help you understand when high-priced materials are worth the cost and which are faux fancy. You want to be sure that you don’t overpay for materials that are not durable. Hardwood flooring, for example, is not only beautiful, it also lasts much longer than other types of flooring. While it tends to be more expensive than other flooring options, many homeowners choose it because it is truly high quality.

As design trends come and go, the price point of certain materials tends to fluctuate. A trendy backsplash in the kitchen or a quirky, modern light fixture in the entryway could increase your costs, even if the materials are not incredibly high-quality. Many homeowners are happy to pay that extra price in order to achieve their desired look, but it is nice to have an agent on your side to help you make informed decisions.

Staying on Schedule

There’s almost always a timeline for the completion of your new home, but unfortunately, this timeline can turn into more of a suggestion if you don’t have someone on your side communicating with the builders and ensuring the project is moving along as promised.

Small scheduling setbacks could start to add up, and eventually, you could find yourself unable to move into your new home until much later than you expected. Your agent will ensure this does not happen by including details of the timeline in the original contract. If unavoidable situations cause delays, your agent will know how to negotiate an updated timeline in the contract that works with your scheduling needs.

Changing the Project’s Scope

It takes months to build a new house. Over the course of those months, it’s common to think of updates you’d like to make to the original plans. Maybe you’ll realize a walk-in closet would be nice. Or perhaps you’d like to expand the half-bath into a three-quarter bath. Your agent will let you know when deadlines are approaching for making updates like this. They’ll keep you on top of the timeline, so you won’t miss your chance.

When making changes to your home design, it’s important to update the contract, even if the changes are small. You want to be sure you’re getting what you expected at the price you expect. Your agent will help you navigate each change to the contract, as it comes up. They’ll keep you informed about cost differences, changes to the timeline, and any other details in the fine print of the contract.

As the contract evolves throughout the building process, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the progression. Your agent will make sure you’re always well-informed and things are progressing according to your vision.

Where Can You Find the Perfect Agent?

While some things about the homebuying process can be complicated, you’re in luck because finding the right agent is simple. Here at Homie, we have top-notch agents ready to help you work out all the details of your purchase and make sure you end up totally satisfied with your new home.

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