Homie Highlight: Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis Headshot

Title: Buy Team Lead

As a buy team lead in Utah, Ben not only helps his clients find their dream home, but he helps his Homie team members do the same for their clients. Ben has been working in real estate for 14 Years, so he has the experience to get the best deal on the best home for his clients. He closed over 45 deals in the last calendar year alone.

Ben’s Background

Ben was born in Connecticut and raised mostly in Orem, Utah. As a kid, Ben liked to act in plays. He performed at Hale Center Theater and the Valley Center Playhouse, and he was even in an episode of “Touched By An Angel.” Ben met his high school sweetheart when they were in a play together, and now they’re married. Ben is a self-described roller coaster junkie, and he loves traveling to amusement parks with his family.

Ever since he was in high school, Ben wanted to work in real estate. He got his start building spec homes. After the ‘08 market crash hurt the business, he transitioned to flipping homes, “before it was cool,” as he says. Ben got his license in 2017. He saw the highs and lows of real estate. The highs, families loving the homes he remodeled and neighbors thank him for improving their communities, made it all worth it.

Why Homie?

Due to an influx of competition and decreased access to capital, Ben decided to stop flipping. However, he wanted to stay in real estate. Ben started seeing Homie ads everywhere. He had always seen Homie as the competition, but he decided to check it out and apply anyway.

Once he joined Homie, Ben finally caught the vision. On day one, he had his first tour, and it just clicked. He wasn’t under pressure to sell, and the client wasn’t under pressure to buy. The Homie experience was easy for him to sell. He could relax and be himself.

When asked why he loves working for Homie, Ben said, “Homie takes care of me.” Because of that, he can better take care of his buyers. He likes that he can continue to take advantage of all of the opportunities in real estate. Now, Ben uses his past experience to educate buyers. He’s seen the best and the worst of real estate, and he can share that with them. Ben’s favorite thing about the job? Taking pictures with clients on the doorstep of their new home.

Join the Disruption

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