Homie Highlight: Erin Gordon

Erin Gordon Headshot

Title: Buying Agent

As a Homie buying agent, Erin specializes in helping clients find the perfect Boise home for them. Erin delivers a high level of personalized service and helps guide people through every step of the home buying process.

Erin’s Background

Erin was born in Vermont, but she has lived in Boise since she was six years old. She also spent a few years in Helena, MT, where she studied political science at Carroll College. Erin ran cross-country and track through high school and college. She loves spending time outdoors, especially fishing and hiking.

As she attended school and was trying to figure out what she would do for a living, Erin always had an interest in real estate. However, she was hesitant to get into it because she didn’t know where to start. Last year, Erin finally took the plunge and got her real estate license.

Why Homie?

After Erin got her license, she did her research on local real estate brokerages. That’s when she found out about Homie. Homie’s values spoke to her and aligned with her own. Erin had seen her friends and family get frustrated with the traditional real estate model. Having to give up so much of their equity when they sold a home frustrated and upset them. Erin knew there must be a better way.

Now that she works for Homie, Erin gets a sense of fulfillment and purpose from helping people start a new chapter in their lives. She loves interacting with people and listening to their stories. Making personal connections with clients is her favorite part of the job.

If you asked Erin to sell you on working for Homie, she’d tell you the same thing that sold her: the values. The focus on loyalty, humility, disruption, and balance has made Homie a good experience for her. According to Erin, everyone at the company has been welcoming and supportive.

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

Want to learn more about what Homie real estate agents do for their clients? Click here.

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