Homie Highlight: Jennifer Gutierrez

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Title: Conversion Specialist

As a Conversion Specialist, Jennifer is one of the first voices Homie customers will hear. She helps kick off the first steps of the home buying or selling process, helping guide people through the initial sign up process.

Jennifer’s Background

Jennifer first became involved in real estate in 2016 scheduling appraisals and became a licensed agent in 2017. Prior to her career in real estate, she worked in banking. It was there that she started studying real estate. She saw the flexibility, the interaction with customers, and liked the idea of helping someone find their dream home.

In her time with Homie, she has helped hundreds of customers start the home buying and selling process. Some of her fond childhood memories include when her dad would take her to see new builds, and she loved it. She loves keeping that feeling alive as others search for their new home.

Jennifer moved to Arizona from California and has been a Phoenician for 20+ years. Just like many Arizona residents have come to admire, she loves the AZ sunsets as her favorite feature of the state. Another fun fact about Jennifer is that she grew up speaking two languages, English and Spanish. Growing up, she would spend school breaks at her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother would sing nursery rhymes to her in Spanish, watch Novelas, and would spend a lot of time teaching her the alphabet and how to count in Spanish passing down the culture. Jennifer tries to instill those traditions in her kids. These skills will also come in handy as we expand our offering to better serve the local Hispanic community!

Why Homie?

Jennifer first heard about Homie when she saw a billboard and was intrigued with the message. She looked the company up and knew she wanted to help with the mission. It was during the interview process where she saw Homie was different from other companies she had worked for. The hiring manager went out of their way to find a true role fit for Jennifer and ended up placing her in a position she hadn’t thought to apply for. She felt the care Homie has, and she knew this person really took the time to get to know her and listen to her.

Jennifer said, “One of my favorite things about my role is the connection I build with the customers. My role is to build that comfort and trust between Homie and the customer so I enjoy finding interesting facts about our customers and relating to them. For example: customers are selling their home to buy a bigger one because they have a baby on the way, or customers are selling their current home to move out of state for an exciting new job opportunity, or my favorite story… a couple was looking to sell because they wanted to find a bigger property to be able to foster more dogs! Anything related to dogs just warms my heart!”

Jennifer loves the culture of Homie and likes that she feels she can grow professionally. She loves her team, she says, “Everyone is open and willing to help! There really is great teamwork between everyone on my team and we are always encouraging each other to do better!”

Join the Disruption

If you want a career you love, want to help change the lives of others, and want to join a company in disrupting the real estate industry, check out careers at Homie!

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